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Empty Bowl Today

empty_bowl_w_links.jpgDown at the Depot until 6:30.
Get some soup.
Get a bowl.
Support the Food Bank.
Everyone wins.


I volunteered there today. With my art class at HCIS.

very cool. How was the turn out?

I was there between 3 and 4 and it was pretty slow then, but that's to be expected at those hours. It looked like the bowls were pretty well picked over.

Hiking the contribution from $10 to $15 made it less family friendly, in my opinion. I know one mom who ended up not going because $45 was just a bit more than she could bite off for her and two kids. So the organizers may have hurt themselves there. I don't know.

Anyone know official tallies?

I used to do publicity for Empty Bowl, in its eary years, we always had big write ups before and then called in with final tallies the next day. There should be something in tomorrow's paper, we always had final numbers within 24 hours. I went to the Sea of Bowls, b/c I had things going on Tuesday, it was fun, though even pricier, b/c bowls started at $20 and went up from there! But I knew a lot of the people there, and I hate crowds, so it was more fun than dealing with all the people who show up. I agree, though, that the bowls should stay at $10, Ironic1. I also think that the artists should not sign their bowls, so you don't have people going through the bowls looking for the Lynas bowls or the Gruchalla bowls, and blowing off the students and other artists whose bowls are just as gorgeous.

I thought it was a fantastic event! I was okay with $15, since it is going for a great cause (the bowl is the side bonus, not really the main point). I really loved my soup...though as a vegeatarian, there was some confusion over what was in the soups...so maybe they could know the soups (ingredients) better.

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