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Duluth Doctors


Suggestions needed. Looking for a female doctor, relatively young, liberal-minded, advocate for alternative medicine, that works in general practice or ob/gyn. I am having trouble with all the fuddy-duddies that my insurance company recommends. And it's no fun having the wrong person tell you to drop trou and spread em.

Suggestions for men's doctors also good... let's spread the word about good doctors in the Duluth area.


I think I just completed.

My favorite doctor just picked up and moved to Ely. :(
I have yet to find someone else yet, so I hope other people have some suggestions...
I work at the same hospital where I had my yearly pap done. When the Dr. called me for computer help, I almost said "Oh, I know you - you've seen my vagina!" (decided against it though...)

Monica Liddle is a naturopath and midwife. I'm not sure what your insurance company would do. I had a baby at home with Monica, and my insurance company paid some of it.
Monica is going to East Timor for two months to work at a clinic there, but she'll be back.
Laurie Chapman is helping in her absence.
Either might be able to recommend the kind of M.D. you're looking for, if you don't want to use them for primary care.

P.S. I am attempting to put links in this post. Don't laugh at me if I goof it up.

I also am interested in shout outs for good docs.

And truly there is clip art for EVERYTHING.

Dr Widstrom at SMDC is great for ob-gyn. He was with me through both of my pregnancies and he was super-excellent!

Dr Pierpont over in Superior at St Mary's Clinic is a really great family practitioner - he takes care of both Hazel and Walter and does a really great job! He also is interested in alternative medicines and therapies and using them in conjunction with traditional healing.

Dr. Jane Rudd at Duluth Clinic West is excellent. Very open minded and honest with you. Also, she raises fiber goats... how cool is that? She was able to catch a diagnosis that five other doctors in town had missed which literally saved my life and improved my health 100%.

Why does the doctor have to be "relatively young" and "liberal-minded", exactly?

If I were a lady with a vagina that had to have someone poking around in MY VAGINA, I'd want the person to be a specific type of person. Sorry, but maybe I'm just old fashioned. Everyone has a right to be picky about who digs around their private areas.

I've always been very happy with the care I've received at the Duluth Family Practice Center. Plenty of fresh, young doctors there. If you don't like the first one you get, it's easy to try someone else.

I have had great experiences with Dr. Leah Anderson at the Duluth Family Practice Clinic for all my lady needs and other medical needs too. I have not seen any another Doctors there, but I'm sure they are also very good. I have heard that Dr. Johnson (female) at the Northland OB/GYN is also a great lady. Yes, Monica Liddle is wonderful. Good luck.

Dr Julie Reichoff at Superior Health on Piedmont. I love the clinic, the doctors, the care. It's very easy to get an appointment and they are great with follow up. When I was 26, I had an irregular Pap and rather than dismissing it, they pursued it, twice, to discover the early stages of uterine cancer. (I'm 32 next week and cancer free now!)

What's ironic about all of this is that a female doctor, relatively young, and liberal-minded are the exact same qualifications I have for my proctologist.

she'd have to be liberal minded to be able to deal with all the weird stuff lodged up there along with your head.
Really, scoffing at people finding health care? Danny you are a loser and really dont deserve the troll food we throw you but I felt I HAD to say something

tamara- are your kids vacinated? i need a doc that's capable of understanding that i'm scared of what's IN the shot, not just scared of my baby getting a poke.

You might want to check out Nancy Sudak, I know that she works through the Lake Superior Health Center but she might also have her own practice. She is very much into complimentary medicine. Also, you could try Northland OB's female docs, Dr. Revoir or Dr. Johnson.

And I might avoid a certain male OB at the Duluth Clinic that that made the following comment during a pelvic exam "It's like exploring a tiny little cave..." Yeah, I don't need no spelunkers in my va-J-J

Hey baci...lighten up.

"Dr. Johnson (female) at the Northland OB/GYN" Worst. Medical Experience. Ever. Seriously.

I been very impressed with all of the staff at the Women's Health Center. Back when I didn't have health insurance, I felt like they were the only affordable option around. Now that I do have health insurance, I continue going there because the Doctors and Nurse Practitioners provide some of the best medical care I've received. (added bonus - they are a fun, liberal bunch).

Dawn - We use Dr, Nisswandt at SMDC Lakeside. She was very understanding about our concerns of mercury, aluminum and other nasties in vaccines and was open to letting us order whichever version of the vaccine we thought best.

Tamara, I did get my children vaccinated, but we did the shots separately and over a longer period of time than most. I had to really search for a place that would separate out the vaccines like that. As a result I drive 25 minutes to get to my peds office.

I second the Monica Liddle nomination. If you aren't up for the midwife route, I'd recommend that you check out Dr. Steve Long at Mount Royal Medical Center. I've talked to a couple of people that have had him deliver their babies and they were very happy with him.

We also really like Dr. Anne Whitworth at Mt. Royal though I don't know if she delivers babies if that is what you are looking for. I love having a good family practice doctor that you can trust, that knows your history so you don't have to start from scratch each time you see a doctor.

I also love Monica Liddle. When it comes to an MD I have Dr. Revior. I'm curious about the previous bad experience with Dr. Johnson. She delivered my second born since Dr. Revior wasn't availible and she was fine. I wasn't a fan of the male Dr. in that practice though. Very... hurried.

Oh! I've never seen Dr. Sudak as her patient but I do know her outside of work. She a good woman, very knowledgeable and compassionate.

I heart Monica, though she's out of the country for two months. For MD, I really dig Sheri Bergeron at Mt Royal. Totally down with homebirth, pretty low on the intervention scale, had kids later, extended breastfeeder iirc.

I'm not really interested in getting into the whole to-vax or not-to-vax debate, but Hazel is and Walter will be vaccinated as per the scheduled vaccinations.

SMDC has a policy that you can read that states that they do not offer the vax with the mercury or nasty derivatives that may cause all sorts of trouble.

However, you can always request to see the vials that they fill the shot with in case you're worried. I've never had a problem with being shown and explained what medicines are being given to my kids.

As far as separating the vax out, I can't say whether or not they do it, because I didn't ask. I'm guessing Dr Pierpont wouldn't have a problem about it, as he is informed about alternative theories.

Debbie, I hope you made a report about that ob-gyn although I hope it wasn't Dr Widstrom. That's just silly! If he thinks that a vay-jay-jay is a cave, he's got some major problems. Let's hope he doesn't go spelunking in his free time - I'd definitely wonder then!

I made a complaint about one of the nurse practioners there after a horrendous appointment I had and I had really good follow-up from the ob-gyn department as to the nature of my complaint, which I had sent to the dept head, the unit secretary and the HR Director. I got an apology, which was what I wanted.

Dr. Bergeron at Mt Royal is awesome. I'm 2/3 of the way through my first pregnancy and she has been fantastic answering every random question I've come up with. She's very supportive of patient choice, whether it's homebirth or hospital.

And she's funny.

In my experience Nurse Practioners are the best people to have for a woman's yearly checkup. They usually are easier to talk to than doctors. They listen to your concerns and take you seriously. The NPs that I have had at St. Marys have actually been more knowledgable than the GPs since they often have more experience with this type of checkup.

I really liked Dr. Goltz at Northland OBGYN, though Dr. Revoir ended up delivering my 2nd. She was great, too. Dr. Goltz was very openminded, listened to all my concerns, and was fine with me having my own ideas about my birth experience. A great experience overall. BTW, my general doctor is Dr. Whitworth at Mt. Royal, and she is awesome, too.

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