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Dragon Port Games Open for Business

Like a phoenix, out of the ashes of Robin Goodfellow, Dragon Port Games has risen and has settled in its new location at 3 South 4th Avenue West, between Superior and Michigan and not too far from Harbor City HS. The Grand Opening will be April 25 but they are currently open for business, but I'm not sure of the hours.

Frankly I'm amazed that after Robin Goodfellow closed at the end of February how fast these gamers and former employees were able to move the inventory and get things going at a new location. Best wishes to Steve and Donny and everyone down at DPG.


WOO! I am there! I want to resurrect the Monday PDD Game Night here pretty quick. Do they have gaming space?

speaking for all the HCIS gamers let me say Woot, Welcome and Wizards!

Goodfellow closed? I was not aware of that. Maybe because I didn't go there often.

This Friday @ 6 we are going to have some Friday Night Magic. It is already confirmed that we have players coming from outside of the area to join in the festivities of FNM back in Duluth. wewt!

A few friends and I have a fierce addiction to board games along the vein of Settlers of Catan. Does anything like that (or Ra, Puerto Rico, Taluva, Hive, etc etc etc,) get played at such a place?

@Roger Yes! We have several big fans of Settlers and Puerto Rico here on PDD. I'm also very fond of Ticket to Ride. And I'd be up for getting back together with the Monday night gaming group. How's this Monday look?

This Monday looks great! I *geekheart* Ticket to Ride!
Say, Monday @ 6:30?

6:30 is perfect. I'll post a separate notice as an invite. I'll bring several games of choice. I'd be up for learning Puerto Rico too if anyone brings it.

Outstanding! I have Puerto Rico. I've never been able to decide if I'm into it or not, but would be happy to save you the trouble of fighting through the manual.

Anyone do "Ra?" That's usually my #1...

Well it sounds like I can actually be there Monday as well. Normally I am going to be out of town during the week most of the time, but this week I will be town.

I would love to meet you guys since I was mostly the weekend guy at the old store.

I will bring Shadows over Camelot if anyone is interested.

Settlers of Catan? Puerto Rico? Agh! Those wretched Euro games! Give me a solid wargame, the kind that real men play.

I have to agree, in part, with scribbler. While having a legal reason for shouting "I have wood for sheep!" is a welcome change, I miss the giddy pays of youth playing 1/72 scale napoleonics or tractics. I will say that I've had the pleasure of playing D & D this winter with semi-frequency and the table is equally matched men and women. I even got to see some girl on girl stratego...and it was HOT!

I hereby bestow upon the previous comment the official Geek King Seal of Approval! Girl on girl Stratego... hehehehe...

with humility and suprise I kneel and accept the wisdom of my king.

I know some of you have been to Dragon Port Games and Comics and that there are other threads on here about PDD gaming on Mondays, but to answer the question, "Do they have game space?"

Actually, we have the largest game space in the area, and we love people to come down and use it. We have some scheduled events during the week, but we have enough room for the casual gamer as well. Actually, we are open for casual gaming during all store hours and then some. There are still a few rough edges around the game room, but we are working on it. Also some large murals and paintings are coming soon on the game room walls!!

Steve, co-owner Dragon Port Games

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