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Dose on the geritol and come party with some "middle age educators"!

apron_siteimg2.jpg....and some hot apron models as Tangier 57 and Apron Elecance team up 7pm until 10pm, Saturday May 3rd at the RedStar Martini Bar for the 10th annual Homegrown Music Festival. Racheal Hart and friends will show three sets of her coquettish creations while the swank sounds of the region's premier psychedelic elevator music band-not-a-band-but-a-vibe gets to play along. Not bad for 125 years worth of middle aged educators...wouldn't you say? Oh but there's MORE! T57 will also be releasing the 2 companion CDs which complete the magnum opus triptych we've been working on for the last year. Tangier 57: Last Night Never Happened was the first release and is now available on itunes. Tangier 57: Moves the Masses - featuring Ken Buehler and Tangier 57: Space is the Place are the next two available for the first time on this very night....oh...so much going on, how do us old fuddy duddys keep up? So please, we humbly ask you come to visit us 7pm until 10pm, Saturday May 3rd at the RedStar for the 10th annual Homegrown Music Festival.


vallet parking for your invacare chair by Paul Lundgren


Chris- Have a great show! Unfortunately, I'll be at Bent Fest in Mpls. on the 3rd. I am doing a set on Tuesday the 29th at the Blue Crab for HomeGrown. The Blue Crab- hmmm... nothing says experimental music like a west end sports bar.....

Will you be releasing ringtones compatible with the Jitterbug?

ahh..once again we shall be absent from yet another T57 extravaganza due to another Hazel related event: the celebration of the 2nd anniversary of her portentous birth, being held this year in the Cities, with trips to the Children's museum and the underwater thing @ the MOA.

I do however think I'm gonna hafta get Tamra one o them seksey seksey aprons! ROWR!

I saw that iTunes converted a lot of the songs to ringtones, but I honestly don't know what format they are or how they work. My craptacular Tracfone won't let me load ringtones. But we've talked about releasing everything as ringtones. Is there something special about the Jitterbug?

Oh. I get it. It's an old people phone. Like my Tracfone.
Forgive me. I'm old. And not an educator, so also not so smart.
(spoken in Gilda Radner's Emily Litella voice - another reference for us old people)

Clumsy, I consider you an educator--you taught me plenty about gettin' funky with page layout during those awkward months of the "Slick 'Saw".

Now if I could just understand why everyone is so upset about too much violins on TV.... (Yeah, I'm old too.)

If the TracFone ever becomes too much for you, Clumsy, you might consider the Jitterbug, which is the only cell phone that has a dial tone. The Jitterbug OneTouch is my favorite model. It has just three buttons: 911, Operator, and a programmable button (which is programmable by the Jitterbug operator!).

No messing with all those silly buttons. Calling is just like the old days: "Clara, get me Klondike-754..."

no need to wait for homegrown...go download the T57 on itunes... plug it into your ear and go check 'em out at the 'homegrown retrospective' photo show at luce'... T57 is represented in several of the images!!

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