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Thanks for letting me lead your geek kingdom for the past year.


I NEED that Face of Boe in the worst sort of way!

Face of Boe FTW.

I know who the face of boe is!!

I am so ready for Geep Prom!

Don't think of yourself as "dethroned", just think of yourself as being added to the Geek Prom royalty archive. :D

"just think of yourself a being added to the Geek Prom"

You mean "Geep Prom" Sorry, had to be said for the sake of sake of geekdom.

I almost accidentally typed "Gook" Prom, but that is an entirely different event...

I'm looking forward to Heinlein's 'Grok Prom'.

Oh my gosh! Somebody hide me before the football team attacks me!

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