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Clean Up!!!

With the spring melt upon us, my family and I have been enjoying the lovely outdoors even more frequently than usual. However, with the snow melt comes the annual discovery of six months worth of trash that has been buried beneath it. How about, as Earth Day approaches, we all take the time when we are out and about to pick up trash and recyclable items so they do not end up in our creeks and lakes as the run off continues! No special effort needed. Just bring a small bag with you on your travels and pop those cans and bottles in.


But, how else are we to replace those heavy metals and fossil-based carbons we have mined from the soil? Litter at will, people! Litter away!

Does anyone know a person that drinks a bottle of "Vitamin water" every morning and lives in Lakeside and throws the bottles onto the road? I have been picking up after the bladger all Winter in my Lakeside neighborhood! I want to apply to be their mother so that I can make them feel guilty about it.

As a family, we frequently walk the sidewalks to and fro Chester Bowl. Please allow me to pat myself on the back for just amoment. Last week before the big snow, I took a full size garbage bag with me, and it was full by the time we reached the bowl (approx. 6 blocks). Please heed Harriet Lane's advice and take a bag with you on your next stroll through the neighborhood. You might be surprised at what you'll find. Might I also suggest a pair of rubber gloves? They come in handy when you have to pick up that Dew bottle full of used Kodiak and saliva. If anyone is interested in a larger-scale neighborhoody effort, I know a few families who would be eager to pitch in in the Chester Park neighborhood, and/or Chester Creek trail. It's probably too late to get something organized by Earth Day, but next weekend is open for us (April 23-25). I suggest a Sunday afternoon effort, with pizza afterward. I still can't bring myself to pick up other dog owner's poo, but perhaps if someone was working alongside me, it would provide the extra motivation I need. I don't mind picking up trash, but I have a real problem with other people's dog shit.

Hey Franken....my wife and I do a spring and fall clean up along the Chester Park trails and would love join others who do the same. We're in for whatever date is set!

Thanks for organizing that!

Good idea!

People should pick up their own trash (and poop)!

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