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Chester Creek Sweep - This Weekend

cccp.JPGChester Creek Sweep
This Saturday, May 3, 2008 from 9-11am
Meet at Burrito Union at 8:30 to sign up
1/2 price burrito, free soda, and free t-shirt for volunteers.

Come help clean up one of Duluth's gems (and of course now part of the SHT). I heard about this on my Brewhouse newsletter. I figured as much time as I spend at Chester, and as much as I hate seeing it trashed, I definitely have some sort of obligation to help out. Anyone else planning on going? I figure it'll be fun. Although I think I'll skip the free soda and just get a hempen ale afterwards. It'll be 5 o'clock somewhere! right?


Nice keeping with Burrito Union's Soviet theme!

That does sound like fun. I bet my little girl would love that too.

Good eye, Barrett. The CCCP name would have eluded me had you not pointed that out.

I'm afraid I'll be speaking at the SHTA annual conference this weekend up the shore so won't be able to 'get my communist worth ethic' goin' on the trail.

I'm bringing my three kids...Great community project idea!

Should we bring our own garbage bags? Are we scooping any poop (oh how I love the poops)? Any other specialized apparatus we'll need?

What does the acronym SHT stand for? It doesn't have to do with the poop scooping, does it?

Thanks for the event listing.

I didn't get any more information than what I posted here. So I just plan on showing up in normal "get dirty" clothes with no extra gear. I would think if you needed equipment the flier would've said so.

SHT stands for Superior Hiking Trail http://www.shta.org/

Is the CCCP reference have anything to do with the soviet union?

Or does no one have a memory that extends before 1995?

mevdev pulled the first of two picnic tables out of miller creek.

Miller Creek/Lincoln Park really needs some help if anyone wants to help. I'm am going to take some latex gloves and a few trash bags there this sunday.

After the cleanup please post any unusual finds. 100 points if a Homegrown participant is swept up.

Wow, cool. It's like one of those hidden pictures games - "can you find the green hammer and sickle?"

CCCP="USSR" in Russian. Who knew the Soviets had actually named themselves after a civic cleanup group in Duluth?

Just finished the clean up and it was great fun. I got to meet a PDD lurker, Jason. Nice walking with you, Jason. And thanks to Mel for posting this and letting us know about it.

Vicarious loves when Vicarious hears people refer to themselves in the third person.

(Does "Yeltsin" have anything to do with "Yeltzi"?)

Was a good time everyone. I definitely think these things should be monthly...

Met a couple non-PDDers whom I gave the URL to. Spent way too long at Burrito Union afterwards, but don't really regret a minute of it. Speaking of which, I totally didn't get half off my burrito. Oh well. I had a blast. Shelly it was great talking to you! Stop lurking! :-)

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