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Canada to Purchase Ely, Minnesota

In a press release today, ely.org has announced that Canada is trying to purchase Ely.

ELY, MINN. April 1, 2008 Today it was announced that Canada has made an unprecedented offer, as a boost to tourism, to purchase the famous Boundary Waters town of Ely, Minn., and relocate it north of the U.S./Canadian border.

In a prepared statement, the Premier of Ontario pledged Ely will retain its worldwide reputation as the entryway to the Boundary Waters, though now from the other side, as well as its legendary lakes, resorts, restaurants, gift shops and museums, including the world-famous International Wolf Center.

Reportedly, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has entered into negotiations with the Minnesota DNR and the Governor's office to arrive at a satisfactory price. Sources close to the deal say that Ely will become Ely, Ontario as early as 2009.

Minnesota residents are left wondering if this might be the last summer to enjoy the one million acres of unspoiled wilderness Ely is known for worldwide.

It'll certainly be the last summer we can spell neighbor without a "u" says Ely mayor Charles Novak. And all the schools will have to start using zed instead of "z" when they teach the alphabet, and we'll all have to learn the value of a loonie, I guess.

Outraged Minnesotans have launched a counterattack and are petitioning the state and considering a protest at the capitol. Interested citizens can visit ely.org or call 1-800-777-7281 to sign the petition or to volunteer for the protest, or just to book one last summer fling in Ely.


Harr Harr, April Fools.

I for one welcome our new Canadian overlords with open arms.

As an Elyite, aye, this is the best news EVER, aye! you americans are such pigs. Eat my national healthcare, aye.


Is this for real? I am all for it!

Go metric, eh!

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