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Cafe Racer for sale

I am selling one of my motorcycles, a 1977 Honda CB400f. I can deliver it to Duluth. IMG_1194.jpg



That bike is as old as I am. It's beautiful like me.

Aren't old vehicles suppose to go down in value over the years?

Nice build! What do you have in store for the next project?

(Sorry, not looking for another bike quite yet... maybe if you took it apart, tossed the parts in boxes, trashed the paint, lost some bolts, and un-dialed/synched the carbs, I *might be interested) :)

*had so much fun on my first build that I am always looking for another basket case :)

Thanks Ian, I am finishing another CB400F cafe, 1973 and 1976 CB750 cafes and will sell them all this summer. The funds will help me complete my 1966/76 Triton cafe racer, pay bills and have fun.
What do you ride?

nice ride Jon, I hope you get the $$ you're looking for! BTW all PDD riders, the Ronin Motorcycle Club welcomes you. Tuesday night rides this summer if Bob can keep his 65 dream from tossing parts off at the rest of us. Also talk of a RMC circle tour...

Baci, thanks. They way I ride Big House Bobbie will never be in front of me!

I tried a comment with links to some pictures yesterday but it got submitted for review...

I ride a 1970 Triumph Tr6-c "rat". It starts off with a Honda front wheel, brake, and speedo (off cb350). The front end is off a Sportster with about ~4" over tubes. Harley gas tank. The frame and engine are pretty much stock minus a bump in compression. The rear end is an old bolt-on plunger which is mated to an old Yamaha mag of an XS model. Stopping power is provided by a Suzuki disc. Solo springer seat, riser bars, battery/electric box is off some piece of industrial machinery.

Ian, sounds cool. I can I appreciate the effort and creativity but bobbers and choppers are not my style.

crudy picture. (out of town on business, so can't take a better one).

Failed at picture url.


try this with the http stuff in front (damn url parser).

Got the pic, thanks. Nice Tiger motor, mikuni carb instead of Amal? I do like the keyed box (battery?).

Ever seen the "survivor" style bikes? Never washed, found objects, very Mad Max. I wouldn't ride one but think they are interesting.

The carb is still Amal, the box holds a sealed battery and all the wiring (whole thing was wired by hand, only mistake was high/low beam got switched). I dig some of the survival bikes, a guy brings one down to Sir Ben's for bike night from time to time (well cross between rat and survival). It is a ninja inbred with a dirt bike. Dirt bike front end & plastic, ninja motor, plus lots of duct tape and whatnot, very "Mad Maxish"

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