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(Bike) Scavenger Hunt.

I am thinking of throwing together a little scavenger hunt on one of these upcoming weekends. Just posting here to see if peeps are interested. Prefer bike for transport, although rollerblades, hoverboards, big-wheels, and anything human-powered would be allowed. It will involve a start and finish, in diffent locations, as well as about $5 for a couple goofy purchases. Just posting to see if anyone would be interested.


I would like to participate. I wish to carry a skateboard in one hand and push a grocery cart in the other. From time to time I would like to place the skateboard in the grocery cart and push it about when I am required use of my newly spare hand. I also plan on riding the skateboard while pushing the grocery cart. I'm thinking this will happen mostly when I'm riding down hills or on level ground. This sounds like fun to me.

Weekday evening perhaps, Ian. Weekends are for camping ; )

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