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A few of my favorite things ...

All the talk of the calc/watch got me excited..then this new millitary device made me just about ... er...well, in the words of Bud Backen, I had to be alone for the next part....but I now begin the quest for the musical counterpart for these gloves using the above guy's idea and an old hockey glove.


There's a guy in Italy with a MIDI version of this concept that was featured in Make Magazine a while back.

you need to have a conversation with beatrix*jar

I've got two of the flex sensors from jameco and make controller, it's just time thats the issue now

Are you using the arduino (sp?) board controller?

I was thinking of using my make controller (which I bought with $$ from making a low video..hehehe...thanks Al). But I'm intrigued by the arduino variant called the BOarduino that Limor Freid has come up with...sheely for ease of prototyping. BTW, I'd be humbled to have your input and direction as I'm a neophyte at electronic assembly.

It's really all about following the schematic and being picky with the soldering iron. I, myself have not used either board, which is why I was wondering if you were going to....so, I was actually looking for YOUR advice!

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