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Tease! The movies aren't up yet!

Wow, free Hollywood movies are great, but wouldn't it be great if that many people were willing to show up to watch locally produced entertainment in the park--it'd be almost like having a viable local culture, no?

You should probably check out the Free Range Film Festival on July 25 & 26. We run tons of locally-produced entertainment.

And, of course, it probably goes without saying, but Duluth also has a little thing called Homegrown coming up.


Thanks for the reminder--I do know about the Free Range Festival--it's a great event! Thanks for your (and everybody else's) work on that.

And I play in Tangier 57 am looking forward to our third Homegrown gig on Saturday, May 3. I just saw that picture of Leif Erikson full of lawn chairs and hundreds of people and it made me a little sad to think of how we (as a society) choose to flock to Hollywood's storytelling, and yet we struggle to generate audiences for local storytellings/performances.

Buy local extends to culture as well as food, consumer items, etc. (And yes, I know the films in the park are free.)

It's sad. And true.

I think what you meant to says was "I have the schedule for the movies in the park, and once I upload them onto the website, you too can have the schedule."

not everything has to be about local arts. i'm not sure about what kind of movies they show at these, but the minneapolis movies in the park choices are usually non-standard fare.

I only made it to one of these last year, but hope to hit more this summer--we had a blast.

Not everyone enjoys sitting in a bar and listening to music. Am I supposed to bring my kids along?

Ditto the independent films they're often not for everyone ... but I do love them myself.

As someone who is involved in Movies in the Park, as a vendor I am a little surprised and disappointed to see the whiners here, to be honest.

I think that movies in the park is one of the greatest family and community oriented venture I have ever been involved in. One of the great things to do every summer in this community. It is extremely non-controversial, community-minded and very positive - why criticize it here?

I love local art and I have given quite a bit in terms of blood, sweat and tears (and lots and lots and lots of money) to try and bolster and support the local independent arts scene. And the independent movie scene, actually too now that you mention it. I agree it is disappointing that more people are not interested in these things. Heartbreaking actually. Even sadder is the fact that many people who SAY they are interested in these things are usually just giving lip service and they don't really put they're dollars (or their time) where their mouths are. BUT here's a little reality check: It is not a zero sum game. Just because people actually SHOW up for movies in the park in large numbers is not a knock against independent art. We are talking about an event that covers two hours a week for three months. There is still lots of time for other endeavors. Right? But remember you are competing with jobs, school, family time, volunteering, outdoor recreation and (most of all) the television. SO if you want to get people out for something local, you've REALLY got to work at it.

Instead of criticizing something that is successful and positive, why not be proactive and see if you can get your band ... or your film on during the pre-movie warm up time? The promoter is a very nice man (who does this for the community FOR FREE, by the way). And he is happy to give artists a chance to play for a crowd that big ... most of the time all you have to do is ask and you'll get a shot.

And before I close this (responsorial) rant I must concur with others who have mentioned what a great thing the free range film festival is. Awesome.

On balance, I'm sure that many of you feel as I do and are looking forward to it. So ... see you all in June!

Fabulous idea JP! I love movies in the park and having a band or movie as warm up is the best idea!
Someone must start the process!

Sorry, I must explain further. Now that I have contained my excitement from my above post, I will explain that having some local talent in the form of musicians or an independent short film would be the fabulous part.
Having another Hollywood blockbuster would be redundant/repugnant.

Just an fyi, there have actually already been local musicians opening up for a number of screenings over the past couple of years with 15 - 20 minute sets. The quality has varied, but the exposure seems to have been good for a lot of them what with selling CDs out of suitcases and lining up new gigs after the big exposure.

I'm not sure if the short films concept will fly, but it certainly could be really great ... It really wouldn't hurt to ask, would it?

Or people could just sit around and whine ... "complaining" while others are "doing" seems like one of the preferred modes of discourse in this town ... ugh

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