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Who the F is Todd Slauson?!?

(image captured from the movie "Garden State")


Maybe it's an anagram...
unsold toads
old astounds
sodas untold
outland sods

I watched "Garden State" recently and laughed at that part.

Man, Hollywood loves to paint Duluth as some East Jesus nowhere location.
I also recently watched the 90's film "Cutting Edge" where even the Russian figure skating coach refers to Duluth as Siberia.

Duluth needs a new publicist. When *I* write my screenplay, Duluth will be a mecca of culture.

Seems like a good time to repost my Hollywood homage to Ol' Duluth. It can be viewed at:


I know I thought that was weird when I saw it too. I grew up right next door to a Todd Slauson. He didn't seem interesting enough to warrant a mention in a Zach Braff flick. His brother Tom however was arrested in Chicago in a stolen car in which he transported a female minor across state lines. Now thats interesting. Hail, Tom Slauson.

Also when you watch the writer commentary on "Sex and the City" one writer says (and I paraphrase) something like, "This had to be filmed in New York....because who would watch a series called, 'Sex and Duluth?'"

It would be: "Sex and the Mid Sized City" and it would have lots of steamy mukluk sex!

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