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Wednesday Morning

DSCN0450 - Copy.JPG

There was a great sunrise around 6:45a.m. on Wednesday morning. This is the first chance I have had to post this, I hope you guy's saw it as well.



I love sunrise pictures. I'm never up that early to see it in person.

Wow, N, gorgeous, gorgeous! We see some amazing sunrises from my daughter's window, we can see the Lake from there. Makes getting up in the morning easier for her, seeing these gorgeous sunrises. But this is stunning. When we visit my brother in San Diego, we love to hit an oceanside bar we know of and watch incredible sunsets, sometimes we even see that elusive "green flash."

depending on the time of the year, I wake up, walk to work to or roast coffee to countless of these things and frankly (sorry frank...not you) I'm impressed every single time.

Our bedroom window faces east, 12 Ave E is a clear shot down, and the roaster is on the east side of the building, right next to the windows looking out across the lake.

I don't think I'd feel quite right if I couldn't wake up every day and see the lake.

Do you mind sharing which street this photo was taken on? It's amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

I took this outside my house on East Faribault in Woodland. I was leaving for work and ran inside and grabbed my camera. We get fantastic sunsets as well.

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