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Warning about USAN building parking

It seems there is a new owner of the USAN Building, and if you park in the parking lot, even to check out a tux at Arthur's next door, you have a good chance of getting towed. Even if you work in the building with all the proper passes, you could get towed. One person was working over the weekend and came out to find her van gone with her dogs in it. One person was terrorized by this guy watching her and almost running her over with his car. You will recognize him as a fat white guy in his late 30s, button shirt and slacks with prominent bluetooth earpiece with a new dark teal Camry respectable, middle-aged man overseeing the towing process.


Awww, St. G, were you checking out wedding dresses? How sweet!
I can see you in an ivory gown - and you can continue the tradition by checking out /my/ date at /your/ wedding ;)

Hmmm, obviously I've been chatting in jabber too much. Using /jabber/ italics instead of html italics...

Yep private property owners can be dickheads when you use their property without permission.

[...begin sarcasm...]
Can I come over to your house? I've got no chips in my cupboard and my booze is almost gone. I like to watch annoying TV and fart in the couch cushions. I need to call my brother long distance too. Will that be a problem?


I think you missed the part about "even if you have the proper passes". This is what he told me!

Yeah, the guy's kind of a dillhole. You can tell from the Bluetooth headset.

now I want to go park in that lot and sit in my car just to torque him off

What if a group of 20 or more all planned on pulling in there at the same time?

Well that's not the purpose of this post - this is just to warn everyone so they don't get their cars towed thinking they are safe - it's clearly not. The person described is the one you'll have to answer to is all. Don't do anything to make him mad intentionally... definitely pick up after your dog, and absolutely respect the signage.

so i'm assuming everyone here knows about the improv everywhere group from nyc. (in fact, i may have originally heard about this here.) you could totally do something similar with the parking guy. it would rock. here is an example of their work.


I *LOVE* ImprovEverywhere. I've been thinking about doing a IE-like stunt in Duluth for some time now. This seems as good an excuse as any. Thoughts?

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