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These guys would rock Geek Prom

Yeah, sure, they're big HBO celebrities now, but I bet we could have got them cheap in 2004. So let's fire up the Wayback Machine and change history! Then we'll be able to say now that we knew them when.


leslie and the ly's would be better! suckas!

Yeah, Greg, but Leslie Hall is mentioned all the time.

yeah, but Devo would be the ultimate.

I just watched 12 episodes of FOTC in the last two days. I enjoy them.

They're only the fourth best folkpop group from new zealand.

For the record, I did try. Leslie and the LYs were not available to play Geek Prom this year.

This is weird. A week ago I didn't know about Flight of the Conchords, then my bro' sent me a link to "Foux de Fa Fa." My response to him: these guys should play at the Geek Prom. Wish we could get 'em.

Funny : ) - Thanks for posting this

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