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These guy's are awesome!!!



Yep, still are.

I still think a different song would make it better.

Ha. I know one of those guys. I always thought it looked like fun.

I just figured out one of next fall's symposium classes at HCIS. Excellent work..safety first!


stay with this one...it's much better.

Sorry, I didn't know about the previous post. They are still awesome though.

> stay with this one...it's much better.

Yes, there are lots of good parkour vids on YouTube but this one is especially excellent because of it's Duluth location.

Interesting. I suppose this will be another Olympic sport in a few years in order to justify its useless existence. Perhaps one of them can get on Survivor?

hey thats not bad im looking for some freerunning buddies this summer you should hit me back

i love that this is in duluth, hell ya. one night i tried some stunts myself and adam got all man protective on me.

adam has some high kicks himself.

This is true. High kicks are nice. Scraping Jilly off the pavement, not-so-nice.

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