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Star Wars IV

I am fully aware that this has nothing to do with Duluth.

Here's the response...


That has everything to do with Duluth.

I laughed, I cried.

Can I just rent that kid for a day?

Per Star Wars awesomeness and relevancy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z25t-PQDn5A

And I bet she'll change her mind about talking back to Darth Vader after she see Ep. III.

the little star awrs girl got 4million hits in just a couple days! she is so damn cute..

Thanks for posting this. We're a shameless Star Wars family.

For Halloween our 7-year-old was a perfect Princess Leia, my husband was a dashing Han Solo, our little guy was a height impaired Darth and I was the opening montage -- I hand- scrolled the words over my black sandwich board - totally cheesy, while my husband held open a Hallmark card that blasted out the theme.

Yah! Star Wars Girl!


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