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Semblesque Comes Out of the Closet

Semblesque Performance Company is looking for 30 bodies/still models/dancers/actors/performers to participate in a One Evening Performance, possible May 9 or 10, or 16 or 17. Need lotsa women and a few good men.

Express interest & availability/get more info at [email protected] or call 349-9800 between hours of 6-7pm.

Sign up alone or with a group of friends! Very Minimal up front time investment necessary.

Why? Because we've heard you say you've wanted to be part of "one of those Semblesque shows!" Jill Ellen Hall has written her 4th original silent dance theatre multi-media script, but is having trouble securing funding to produce the show. This event will be a fundraiser for Semblesque Performance Company. The costume collection of the past productions will be coming Out of the Closet for a Parade of Characters and an Improvisational Performance to Remember.

Deadline for casting April 4, 2008. Sign up today!

Jill sent this to me and asked me to post it to PDD. - Ironic1


Is there an opportunity for nudity?

the audience can certainly wear whatever they like :)

a few more details for anyone considering this:

this will not be a full scale Semblesque performance, but rather an evening of live visual art, remnants and video from the past on display, and elements of performance - but no spoken word involved. if you're shy, but like to dress up, there's an easy, non-invasive role for you. if you're a trained actor or dancer who is comfortable with a certain element of improv - then send an email now. if your a group of 4 friends looking to do something crazy for a change, i need you!
the up front time investment necessary totals @ 4 hours and then the day of the performance (looking like May 17th) - a make up/costume call, and then a really fun evening to follow, probably a 7:30 pm social with food n drinks, Parade and Performance (remember not everyone required to 'perform')9pm, Later Night 2nd Run 10:30.

I have over 50 costumes, 25 wigs, crazy props and more in my attic screaming that they want to come out!!

Come on people, liberate the wigs, sign up today!

early Buzz:
Already confirmed, the Return of Wolfgang Littlewolf AND Jessie Elizabeth Hetland(fresh off the streets of New York!)

May 17th Confirmed
at The Venue
2024 W Superior Street
Duluth, MN

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