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Park Point is for voters.

I had two wonderful entries for the Park Point is for lovers design contest. Please vote for your favorite. The poll will close in four days.

Park Point is for lovers 1

Park Point is for lovers 2


I love the first one although the second is classy. Nice art.

Love 'em both, but I voted for 2.

I hope this doesn't get posted twice - got an error message - but the first one is absolute genius!

Both of those are awesome.

Both of those are awesome.

Both of those comments by Mary are awesome.

Some of you t-shirt designers should come on over to shirt.woot.com and enter into the derbies. Check it out at woot.com, seriously these kind of entries would do quite well with relevant subject material for a national crowd.

I lived on Park Point for 6 years. Did I find love? Nope... just made me a bitter, cynical geek.

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

Anais Nin

Can you imagine the "1st Street is for Perverts" T?

The first one's well done, but I prefer the second (I'd like it more with some version of a sand, pine green, Lake blue color combination) without the litter of McDonald's food.

I can't vote I want them both :-) I wanted to design one but there just isn't enough time in the day! Oh well! Nice job guys.

Both are excellent, but I'll place my lot for #1.

My vote is for dos.

Although these designs are both nice (I prefer the first), It's too bad:

a) the contest is over;
b) I'm no graphic designer.

Because a black-and-white rabbit-themed t-shirt should properly be the winner of this contest.

I liked the first one, though the second was very nice. First is more creative.

I'm all for a "Park Point Is For Lovers Shirt" that places an emphasis on the end results of a couple of crazy young kids taking a roll in the poison ivy.

And I would like to place my order for the "First street is for perverts" shirt here and now. It must involve a trench coat wearing patron of Fuzzies.

J'adore numero 1!

J'adore numero 1!

For locals, I like the #1 shirt best, for sure. But for visitors and to make a buck? #2. I do like the heart, but its also that is has the all important "Duluth, MN" and even the skyline worked in there so people will buy them for gifts. All of the "Speedy Wienie" shirts include Duluth, MN for that reason. And as much as I always thought that local people would be the big customers on apparel, they're don't seem to be. It's the visitors who seem to check there brains at Thompson hill when it comes to their wallets. As for "First Street is For Perverts?" I don't like the idea of perpetuating the gutter image that ... but I will agree that its funny so don't call me a stick in the mud. It's hilarious, just not helpful.

I agree with The Big E...we have no French Fries out here on the point - you've confused Anal Park with the Point.

Lakeside is for Teetotalers.

Don't get me started on West Duluth. You don't have enough fabric.

Starfire, print up a bunch of Bayside Market shirts and put them out at the store - you'll sell them all. I did with Lift Bridge blankets. Just talk to Dick.

Lakeside is for Cake?

I want a First Street t-shirt too.

Duluth Technology Village...good food!

I got spooned in Spooner.

we gotta' get Slim Goodbuzz hooked up ASAP!

So...are these for sale anywhere yet? :+)

P.S. Both of those are still awesome.

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