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Orpheum - Duluth - this weekend


This weekend....


Good luck this weekend guys -- I'm going to try and swing in this weekend~

Nobody likes your shitty nightclub. Give it up already.

Real tough guy posting under a fake name.

Wow! More hatred like that last comment around here and The Orpheum may want to start considering advertising on DANNY DOES DULUTH.

at least he's honest

wasn't me, I say go for it! Let me know when T57 can play the mezzanine sans strippers

Can't wait for some homegrown events in the big stage... oh that's right Adam hates the Norshor!


There are some weird people out there, and Homegrown should be at the Nor Shor.. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

The thing that seems stupid to me though is that there is no bar "in" the Orpheum. The reason why it is never successful is because there should be a bar right next to the stage up front.

This does 2 things: 1. It keeps people close to the stage, and 2: It gets them to buy more liquor.

When a bar finally gets that right they will last up here. Luce' sucks in that category.

The Tap Room's bar is too small and it takes forever to get served.

TPB is a pain to get through the tables, chairs and people who block the bar.

Brewhouse has some of the worst service you will ever see. Bar staff rocks, wait staff SUCKS... I once had a waitress ditch my order to talk to a friend visiting for 20 minutes... Then she got the order wrong when she finally returned.

That is why the Anchor Bar beats the Brewhouse for burgers.

Dubh Linns takes way to long to get a drink too, but no one is worse than The Tap Room. On top of that the Tap Room charges a cover... When will Andy get it?

Build a bar next to the stage, have a band or something else on stage, and I will go to the Orpheum.

Not that I wouldn't mind peeking at strippers to go to the bathroom, but my wife might.

Just my thoughts..

They won't put it there! We need to buy $3 dollar pop at Pizza Luce! Silly Kid Homegrown Belongs to Pizza Luce!

I think Luce' is overrated and snooty. Brunch on Sunday is unique and tastes great... But.... It sucks that when you go for brunch it usually ends up becoming dinner by the time you get food. Sure the girls I eat with love the Bloody Bar, but....

The cover charge at Luce' sucks too, why not go elsewhere for free?

And Luce' is from Uptown Minneapolis, the butthole-uptight-tourist-dark-fimmed-glasses-"I grew up in the middle of nowhere now think I am from the city"-pricks.

The Uptown Bar rocks, but Luce' sucks.

Unless you are the Duluth-Uptown type of person just biding your time till you move down there.

Who would want to hang out with those types of people anyway?

I'd rather live in Eden Prairie than with rich spoiled suburban Uptown wannabees.

I like Duluth too much though, people need to pull their heads out of their butts though.

Hey! I think you might be right! Why doesn't the Homegrown Committee (Which Won't Have Any Other Inputs) ask the city to close down a block like Rock the Block? That would solve the problem with venues, and would allow the all agers mingle with the 21+ crowd. Don't Evolve! We Are Homegrown!

No tan cocks.

Yeah geez, those 3 to 5 dollar covers make it hard to see any music...wish I lived in a REAL town where they charge 8 to 12. Pay up or play it yerself you cheep bastard!! BTW, what do you like?

Why does it matter what someone looks like?

I agree about cover charges, they suck bigtime! Obviously if most bars don't have bands anymore they are not making money off of them.

And I used to love watching TBT play there, but I wish they played at a place where more people could watch. Like the DECC.

I am not cheap, I am just going broke with high gas, medical, and everything else I have to pay for. $5 bucks makes a big difference now in my life.

Isn't the point of Homegrown to promote local music and art talent while at the same time experiencing the different venues, restaurants, coffee shops, and what have you around town. Lets not take up arms and hangout at one's "turf". Lets just have fun and hear some music.

Ya its tuff all over cheepness...

Try this, buy a guitar for $500. an amp for $500. get a car bigg enough to haul your gear, $1000. spend two nites a week for a year at rehearsal instead of working=$5500 buy strings for each show @$8.50. Repeat this process for three to five years (or twenty)until you get pretty good. Then listen to somebody whine about paying enough at the door to get each bandmember $20. at the end of the nite.

I don't play for the $, its the music I love. However if some people can't recognize the simple math involved, or are unwilling to subsidize the music they want to hear, the problem is with them, not the $3 cover charge.
You can call me a greedy bastard if you want, but you should know I have played more free shows than your entire family has fingers and toes...

Its funny reading your comments. But a lot of this sounds kind of like arm chair quarterbacking. But I think that the people who really put their time and energy and credibility on the line do deserve some respect. More than anyone else I think that the new Orpheum concept is ridiculous, but I admire people for actually throwing their hearts and souls into a dream and trying to make it work. If someone is going to attack them the 'honest' thing is to actually put their name to the comment and stand back. There are too many people who snipe at entrepreneurs from a distance in this town. Tearing down someone else's dream is just cheap and empty ... even if it is a half-baked plan. As for homegroan? I agree that it belongs at the NorShor, but it will never work with the current mode of programming there. Who wants to go and listen to music and trip over strippers on their way to the bar? But ... I guess maybe I'm in the minority there. And anyway, at least in my experience most people would rather be drinking those three dollar cokes, in hipsterville down the street, I guess. that's how it was BEFORE the strippers came anyway. First time post ... but I bet I get hammered for those comments. Go easy, if you can ...

I haven't been to the NorShor for years. I haven't seen the strip club, strippers (except to drive a few home), or the Orpheum... so what do I know... but I wouldn't mind listening to music and tripping over strippers on my way to the bar. That sounds like a lovely evening. Beer, half-nekked women, and good music make for a good time.

Wowsers... I love you all! Even the haters... LOL

And as far as I know, Homegrown will be held at the Orpheum May 2nd & 3rd. (At least that's what Adam says)


I wrote a nice reply to Deaf, but I guess the censorship police on this site removed it.

Deaf, get a real job and buy your own equipment. ?Nothing is more pathetic than an artist bitching about not being paid what they "THINK" they are worth.

It does suck that this blog removes what people write.


And way to start the ballwashing of The Brewhouse post too. So I guess we can't talk negatively about some subjects here.

I just lost a ton of respect for PDD.

Homegrown charges $500 to each venue. So, if you work with a new venue (like the one in West Duluth) don't expect Homegrown Festival in your area.

Pizza Luce: Proud sponsor of only a couple bands.


Censorship Police Activate!

Is that true? Homegrown charges the venues? Then it doesn't pay the bands?

Is this for real? PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISN'T TRUE...

I have never read or heard that, if it is true I will never attend Homegrown again.

And...If that is true and Deafyet plays in a band for Homegrown he completely contradicts him/herself

Can we PLEASE not politicize Homegrown. This is shaping up to be my first experiences this year and I don't want it sullied by opinions and politics, lets all just have fun!!

To screenname 'Homegrown'.. I hope for your sake your blog posts are a promotional gimmick, or sarcasm. You're really looking like an idiot, and if you're honestly representing Homegrown with your posts, I feel sorry for Homegrown. Besides, not sure what the Homegrown has to do with my original posting anyhow.

Another FYI - This is the first event w/ the 'Wrekt Records' stamp on it.. to take place at the new Orpheum Nightclub. (The Friday Night show) Not to be cocky but Wrekt Records don't mess around when it comes to bringing the energy and the vibe.

The Orpheum has been open 1 month... we're just getting our feet wet & big things are a brewin'.

Have a nice day. Rant on.

Advice: don't believe anything shitcocks write.

There IS one thing more pathetic than an artist trying to break even exhibiting their work...someone bitching about paying three bucks to see three bands. I bet you bitch about that free cheese the gov't gives you too.

Just stay home and steal your music on the internet.


Why can't someone from Homegrown Committee answer any questions? All we get is don't be a shitcock. Smart.

Is Homegrown Non-Profit? If so Can we file for a copy of their financial statements and files. I would like to know if they are really charging certain venues $500 for the rights to have Homegrown. Isn't this why the Nelsons got into so much trouble with the PDD group?

I'll take a screenshot of this post before the censors get me!

Homegrown, since you're requesting honesty, why not start by actually entering a valid email address when you comment, as you are supposed to. Then, let's have your real name. Then, let's have some reasoning as to why you hate Homegrown so much, so that maybe we can see your point of view and talk about it.

Then maybe people will stop treating you like a troll.

I've seen deafyet contradict himeslf before and it's ALOT more messy than here...I agree with all who say GIVE IT A REST .. and go have your own festival if you care about who get what money for what..I hope homegrown charges venues and if bands are playing HG for the $$ they better get a 2nd day job. Really..

This is just as much fun as reading the stuff on DCB! The only good thing coming out of this town is music and hockey. The cheapskates are driving me to search for better times in better towns. A f^ckin' lake isn't worth being poor!

buh bye

Nice comebacks.. No wonder Deafyet complains about squeezing every penny out of people, his band is probably as lame as his excuses.

I'm all about paying my fair share, but why don't The Reef, Norms, TPB, Bev's, and a ton of other venues charge covers?

Where does that Homegrown money go? Why are the bands not paid?

These are valid questions and your only answer is to attack the people giving an honest opinion.

And some of you are so lame in your response that you should just avoid posting.

Those same people are reading IPAdresses and trying to figure out who is causing this trouble.

Lame, Lame, Lame...
AND BTW Deafyet, if you have been playing for over 20 years and expect me to subsidize your "car to carry your equipment" you need to find another profession.
I can hear the announcer at Luce' now: "And now coming to the stage with his walker and oxygen tank: the old man whiner of Deafyet."
How about some young blood?

*points to Barrett's comment above and gives a thumbs up*

Quit your hatin' "homegrown." The real Homegrown is run by artists and musicians that have a true love of music and Duluth. So step up to the plate with your real name and maybe volunteer some of your precious trolling time.

Ummm ... Not only do I agree with Barrett, I wonder why so many people are allowed to use "fake" aliases, anyway. Maybe it's a html issue or something, but otherwise maybe they should ALL be removed for doing that. That was actually the point of my original post. I mean sure, I digressed a bit as I tend to do, but I took issue with the "orpheum sucks" alias. AND, I will take credit for the "homegroan" snipe and apologize. It is a good festival and I'm glad its still here, non-profit or not. Oh ... and I'd also like to know what band deafyet plays in, maybe I'll come out and see him sometime. In my experience, the cover charge usually goes straight to the promoter and/or bands, it's never very much money and the people usually only get a couple of free drinks plus maybe 20 bucks for playing so ... it's not about making money, its about surviving and living to play another day. Truly, it is sad that artists don't make more money in this town, I agree. But that's how it is ... for now, anyway.

RRRRidiculous! I don't know why I bother to reply but here goes...

What if I went to YOUR place of work (if ya have one) and asked you to work for nothing? You wouldn't do it, and with a few exceptions, neither will I.

What gives you the right to demand others people music for free??

As for the insults, I'll take em, they're as weak and groundless as you argument, and not constructive.
I apologize for the 'cheese' remark, it was ad hominem and not helpful.
As far a bitching about Homgrown goes, people who don't like the way it is run don't have to go! Besides, there are 360 days left on the calender for the naysayers to hold there own $#@#$%^ festival..put up or shutup! Come on, complaining is easy! I can't wait for the NEW festival!
What are you gonna call it? How much will YOU pay the bands? Will You use YOUR money to fund all the stuff you need to make it go? Do you even have the 450 phone numbers you will need the minute you start planning it? Can we call it The GO-HOME Festival?

OK you asked; My name is Bob Olson, I play in the Black Eyed Snakes, Little Black Books, and (for Homegrown only) Father Hennepin. I have played almost every HGF, and don't care if they pay me or not, its been the ther most fun I've ever had with my clothes on. You can see the "Snakes at Luce this month but you will have to pay, cuz it is a BENEFIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE.
Yes I am Old, Fat, Lame, and have few original ideas. I drive a shitty car, and my yard is a mess. I currently wear a beard that is particularly unnattractive. If you need to say any more than that, please start your own "I hate deafyet post", cuz I'm sure most of the fine people on this board are tired of this.
As penance for egaging in this snipefest, I will gladly leave you two tickets at the door for you, and you can avoid the heinous cover charge.... But like you said you already hate my music.

The Black Eyed Snakes is my new favorite band.

deafyet is my new favorite poster.

this is amy abts here, i'm on the homegrown committee. anyone can be on the homegrown committee. we are a nonprofit. we pay the bands.
if you have any questions, please go to duluthhomegrown.com and email us.


No seriously though, no tan cocks.

i'm Heiko...
i'm the guy who takes the cover at luce....
i'm part of the homegrown committee also....
i'd like to take time out of my day to maybe help answer some questions....
first off ...cover charge...what is it for??well it's to actually pay the bands that you are choosing to see....and also pay sound that makes bands able to be heard...nothing else...at luce they do not take the door charge and use it for anything else...that is how music survives there...we have lost a lot of venues over the years..and that is why luce is still doing shows...everybody wins...the bands who get a lil' scratch to help pay for continuing there art...and the fans who get to see those artists...so if you don't want to pay to see them..then by all means go somewhere else and listen to a jukebox or whatever...however you will probably spend more then $5 on the jukebox without even thinking about it...and those artists do not really get money for that...the labels do...at least when you see a show you know where the money goes....and as for the homegrown festival...it is a major undertaking...there is alot of work done in it...from the comittee...all the way down to the volunteers that help out during the festival...as for people "whining and bitching" about it...all i ask is start your own festival...please do..this town could always use more things like it ...and while you are complaining about a cover charge..throw your own show...have people show up..get a decent sound system...and get bands to play...and do that without charging a cover...then talk to me afterwards about whether the show was successful or not...thats all i ask...thank you all for your time...Heiko

p.s. No Tan Cocks

Right on Heiko! Peoples been bitching about HGF for nine years now and NONE of them have gotten off their ass and started a festival.

I love this town and all the people in it.

Preach on deafyet. But I feel I need to clarify a few things, since I've worked with deafyet at his day job. He's definitely not fat or lame...although he does drive a shitty car. I can't comment on the beard, since he didn't have it last I saw him. Also I have no problem with Homegrown or cover charges, but if you still want to leave me tickets at Luce for the next Black-Eyed show I'd accept them.

oh yeah, except for tan cocks....

I love Bob Olson and Heiko

any chance someone will explain the tan cocks thing? Or is it better to just leave it as an inside joke ...

''No Tan Cocks'' refers to me and Whittier telling some girl that Cork was dating at Homegrown 2006 that he tans his cock during the summetime. For some reason we made the shirts for Homegrown 2007 and the phrase caught on. I believe that was the same night we used Franks belt sander to turn regular frozen hamburger patties into square White Castle burgers. We really miss the White Castle in West Duluth....

deafyet has a nice ass.

I understand your statement, but can you honestly say that Pizza Luce is really a pioneer when it comes to local music? I mean I like Cars and Trucks as much as the next person, but come on. They have played Pizza Luce two months straight, and the ever so popular Brother Ali twice in one year. Where are the other bands? Please don't say that the HPD shows are cutting edge either. Ugh. Where is the classic rock shows? Where is the electro shows? Where is the All the Pretty Horses shows? Where are the group hip hop shows that don't involve either Atomspere or Brother Ali? I have hope for this summer, but I would wish upon a falling star that who ever is in charge of booking at luce would open up a City Pages or at least setup a local music show that doesn't involve any Chairkickers Bands or bands that were on the Starfire Mix CD. How are we the people who love the scene supposed to welcome the new and upcoming generations of music lovers if we contantly throw the same stuff at them. I'm just happy that Homegrown will once again be one of the crowd jewels of the music calendar, but are we going to do with other weeks in the year.

And, don't say "Why don't you book your own shows" to me. I have done some pretty good shows in the past, and would really like to see Duluth take on the adventurous style the current Superior venue are taking.

God Bless Homegrown!

Menstrual Tramps at Norms on the 29th

Is it as nice as your golf swing?

Ps. Loud and Local this Sunday Night with a special live track from a special band.
94.1 / 104.3 Sunday Night!

spare the rant about corp radio sucking, I heard it and I'm working on it.

i'll find out the end of this month hotrod. i'll be golfing in hawaii! i better git my arse to the golf dome. but don't worry...i'll be drinking too.

well i never said anything about pizza luce being a pioneer in local music...i remember sneaking into shows at r.t. quinlins when i was underage..i remember going to the recyclabell...r.i.p. joyce we all miss you.....i remember going to the orpheum/urban ground/refinery cafe to see shows...i witnessed many a show at le petit..i've gone to the merritt shows...i was at the dreamland ballroom shows...i was at the illfated show in the dance studio above the fetus when some kids locked the owner in the closet...i remember seeing shows at the v.f.w. in west duluth and west end..i remember roundabout.i remember where the pioneers of the local scene as we know it now started...i never once said anything about luce being a pioneer...all i was saying was that it still does shows...and has for the past 7 years...in this area it is rare to find a venue that has kept going that long in this area...

I'm ambivalent about Luce. Remember when they got rid of their DJs and put in a jukebox? When I was at the NorShor they were bending all over backwards trying to do live music every night ... when that competition dried up due to regulatory and financial problems ... then the live and local shows at the Looch were cut way back, too. Luce is fine, (and I do like the doorman) but I think a lot of other people have mixed feelings about the place, too.

Actually, sans the strippers, I think that the best hope for a diverse local music scene is the guy who originally got hammered here. The Wrekt guys are really trying to do something exciting and innovative on a shoestring budget. My original thought got lost in a lot of this (very interesting) homegrown discussion, that is that, here is a specific example of people putting themselves out there trying to do something creative and innovative and that is better than sitting back and sniping at everyone because they don't do things the way you like, or the way things were when Rick Boo ran the 'Shor. And it is WAY better than a jukebox. OK actually some of the crappy techno is worse than a jukebox so I'll have to take that back, lol. But I'm sure you get the point. At least they are trying to move forward ... not trying to BE the past and they are actually DOING something, even if it IS imperfect.

Deafyet-Bob thanks again for all of your informed opinions. I don't get out much anymore, being a single dad and all. But I will look for you guys ... maybe check out the special Homegrown lineup of father hennepin.

HotRod, no tan cocks...Ahh Hell No!

My two cents - I can brag that I've lived in several cities, and in each of them, there has been constant bitching about the music scene and how lame it is compared to 10 years ago. So if you enjoyed the current scene, you were obviously ignorant of its former glory.

That said, I've lived in Duluth 10 years now and enjoy the music scene. Of course it can be improved and we have to fight for some things we want, but really it's a pretty hoppin scene. Thank you Duluth music scene.

[special to Local-M Craig: If a copy of that Aquarium footage you shot for us still exists, I would love to get ahold of it in any form; I could come pick it up or whatever... let me know. Thanks man-]

Stuart Davis will be at the University of Minnesota Duluth March 22 for a 7 p.m. CD release performance at Weber Music Hall. Cost is $12. For tickets, call the UMD box office at 726-8877.

Samples of Stuart Davis Music here

Only 61 comments? Pffft.

Yeah, i would have expected this one to at least get to 85 comments, with one of those comments being the entire work of Shakespeare or some shit.

I hope the weather warms up so we can all get off the internet and get to tanning our cocks.

i'll be tanning mine in 2 weeks.

ALl I gotta say about the Orpheum is GET SOME REAL Dj's up there! Not that shit I heard 3 weeks ago! And how about some composting toilets or something downstairs. Girls don't usually enjoy looking at other womens "perfect" ass's while they're holding a bladder full of urine. And the bar inside the venue is a great idea. How about some funky interior design that doen't make he place always fell so big and . . Empty.

c-freak, my friend, plastic doesn't tan.

What did one burp say to the other?

Let's be stinkers and go out the other end.

Just wanted to be part of the posting fun! Cheers.

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