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Oh, the Horror!

So, I've been an unabashed fan/lover/reader of Dan Savage's Savage Love since way back when his readers used to address him as "Hey Faggot," and he had a day job pulling shots at Cafe Paradisio...

ANYwhooo...back last month for his Valentine week column, he ran a letter concerning sex toys, and the proper etiquette of the proper disposal of such. Within his reply he made a suggestion that any and all old toys could be mailed to a Kandiss Crone, an "investigative" reporter from Jackson MS, who recently staged a raid on an adult book/video/toy store because, apparently Mississippi is one of a few sex-phobic states that has completely outlawed the sale of "three dimensional devices" intended for sexual gratification. The store had been busted a couple of times prior to Ms. Kandiss' story by the JPD, but to her shock and awe, the store had not ceased its immoral retail activity.

Apparently, Ms. Crone went incognito to the adult store, purchased a purple vibe, and then returned later with a camera crew to confront the store's employees. She even went as far as to try to solicit further involvement of the Jackson, MS police department, but they weren't interested. She was rebuffed with a statement from them saying that the citizens of Jackson would prefer the police be involved with rounding up criminals, drug addicts and prostitutes, and that pursuing a criminal investigation on an adult bookstore for selling sex toys wasn't very high on their list.

I wonder whatever became of the purple vibrator.


Lawrence v. Texas was covered in a recent "Savage Love" column.

I got my own theories as to where the purple vibrator went, and they do involve Kandiss purchessing some batteries...

One word: Santorum

Speaking of Savage Love, does anyone know of any locations other than the Fetus that carry City Pages up here? And if so what day do they usually get them in?

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what to do with my old three-dimensional devices.

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