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Adam , Did you get my message?


Is this the Robin Goodfellow post?

Nope, I 'm just trying to make sure he got my e-mail to the transistor

Binky, did you get my message? Make it tuna and hold the gamma rays. And while you are at it, go to the drycleaners and finalize the Louisiana Purchase before the invasion of the artichokes from the 9th dimension. Thanks.

I haven't, Frank, but my email's been acting up. Try again maybe:


Transistor / Duluth Postering / Ann Martin Counselor-At-Love Presents, Inc.
(218) 590-1210
adam [at] transistormag [dot] com



the chair is against the wall.

john has a long mustache.

Best Red Dawn reference ever.

"Everyone wants to stop fighting--except Robert."

for a period of about two and a half years I ate, drank, slept and breathed Red Dawn.

I still own copies of the Anarchist Cookbook and Poor Man's James Bond, and had (read: had) a subscription to Soldier of Fortune magazine.

In High School, I was voted "Most Likely To Take Over A Small South American Country," and was the first kid in my class to have an NRA membership.

The only reason why I didn't get into the Marines (my ambition was to be a sniper) was the fact that I was (and still am) too effing scrawny...

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