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Lookin' for a Room? (HELP!)

I need everyone's help here. My friend and I will be renting a 3 bedroom house starting June 1st. The problem is we need to fill the third bedroom. If you know anyone that is looking for a year lease starting June 1st PLEASE let me know. We are two young professionals (25/26 yrs old) one female & one male. Click to read details about location...

1.5 bath, large kitchen, laundry, 1 car heated garage
$340+utils. 4 blocks from Burrito Union/Chester Creek, 3 blocks from Farmers market, walking distance (~ 4-5 blocks) to SuperOne and Rose Garden/Lakewalk. Near multiple bus routes.


I have a friend that would suit you, Mel. He's a bit older than you two but still qualifies as a young professional. Check out his resume and credentials:


lol I hate you sam. You know Steve and I could NEVER be roommates...platonically.

when i was looking for a roommate i had good luck on craigslist and on putting an ad up at the co-op.

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