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led trucks + saturday + one night only


mat milinkovich IS john bonham! tony bennett IS robert plant and jimmy page! matt osterlund IS john paul jones! jesse hoheisel IS john paul jones and additional jimmy page!

we have been busting our ASSES for a month solid to bring this to life. but it’s one night and ONE NIGHT ONLY, so be sure to catch this circus while it’s in town!

what songs will be played? be there to find out. will trousers be stuffed? be there to find out. will the ghost of some long-dead wizard be summoned? be there to find out. will the band collapse from exhaustion during a ten-minute long jam? be there to find out.

this saturday. pizza luce. with humanoid as the who, and the supertacks as a bunch of people.

way down inside, woman, you need it.

- led trucks


which one is jesse?

damn...if there was ever a reason to set foot in Luce again...not that I wouldn't anyhow. It's just that I never really make it that far down SupSt anymore.

sweet though. LedZep is arguably one of the greatest band in history.

jesse is the third from the left.

holy crap. awesome show.

Thanks for the spot on rendition of the 1970 Garden version of "Dazed and Confused". That shit is my bible.

I was frothing at the mouth for this the whole week and was completely amazed. The whole band was great and Tony Bennett blew my mind. How can you sing like Plante and play every solo and riff of Page's spot on, including the whole Dazed and Confused solo, violin bow included? I had my jaw open the whole time and my friends and I kept looking at each other in amazement! I guaranty the best Zeppelin cover band out there wouldn't have put on a better show than we saw on Saturday. A great night to be a Duluthian!

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