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thanks for those shots, I was able to ID 5 harborcity school kids skipping....muahaaahaaa....muahahaaaa....jkjk,
we had a half day (for INSERVICE, not star gazing)

George, Renee and I all went down to Duluth Family Sauna the evening before. It was great kickin' back and catching up with them.

I thought that was you guys...didn't want to bother you though.

What is with Renee's hair? It looks like a bad wig.

I thought that about her hair too. George wore a hat. Maybe the hotel's water was not the Evian they were used to.

Renee appears to have eaten something sour...no...wait...thats how she looks all the time.

The Sheraton doesn't have Evian coming out of the tap? Bah! See if I ever buy another condo there!

That would be "I-make-$20-million-a-year-and-won-an-Oscar" hair. She looks great!

Forget Renee's hair, look at those bony-ass hands! Ewww!
I think I'll keep my extra stores of fat - at least they look human...

I second Bad Cat!'s thoughts -- I too snapped a photo of her frightening hands....

Stop contributing to the pressure women feel to look perfect. Stop it!
Y'all know you would totally sleep with her if you had the chance. And George, too, probably.

I think Renee's puffy face may just be the result of a bit too much of the booger sugar.

Starfire's hair is prettier.

"Stop contributing to the pressure women feel to look perfect."

Beverly, we're not mocking Renee because she is less than perfect, we're mocking her because society tells us she is perfect.
We're mocking the fact that society perceives her bony-ass body as an ideal state, rather than the unhealthy terror that it truly is.


Her hands don't look any less bony to me than Clooney's in the next shot. Is there a double standard there?

It's easy to target Renee for making women "feel bad" about how they look, but the real "unhealthy state of terror" in this country is how the average person never gets off their fat ass to take a walk around the block every now and then.

I'm certainly no George Clooney, but I'm not going to blame him for my own physical deficiencies, and if I become obese, I'm not going to sue McDonald's either.

I don't care that she's bony - I'm looking at her gorgeous coat.

Hi, Bad Cat!
I realize I'm picking an argument here, and I don't mean to be ugly about it.
I disagree with the defense that it's OK to pick on a woman's appearance as long as you're saying she's too thin.
I think there are many commenters here who support their girlfriends, wives, daughters and female friends. They support feminist causes and champion efforts against domestic abuse, etc., etc.
And yet the conversation so quickly turns to how the woman looks. It creates an environment of criticism, which implies that there is, indeed, a perfect way to look, and hey, there's another woman who got it wrong.
I don't want my daughter asking me, "Mom, am I too skinny?" any more than I want her asking, "Mom, am I too fat?"
Not that you're responsible for all that, of course.
(And I'm sorry for saying y'all would sleep with George. That was a joke. Of course, if you want to, I'm sure what I say won't matter.)

Well Said, Beverly!

This is an interesting string of comments and it gives creed to a theory of mine that being wildly famous would utterly suck.

I watched the video of the press event on the Duluth Tribune website and it was spooky to see the way people where jostling up against the guests.

When did the world go so crazy?

when Elvis swiveled his hips

I'm not saying that obesity is a healthier state of being, or that Hollywood (or McDonalds, or whatever) makes me fat. I'm just saying that the "Hollywood Ideal" isn't actually achievable by a "normal" person. We don't have amazing genetics + personal trainer + personal chef + personal wardrobe designer + personal photoshopper. The result is that kids with "normal" bodies pinch their tiny bit of stomach flab as they look at a picture of the Olson (Skeletor) twins and starve themselves just a little longer.

Oh, and yea, there is a double-standard how women are regarded on looks. I don't want any healthy who is underweight or overweight to question their looks. It just makes me said when people use movie stars as a barameter for the idea.
And I so would not sleep with George or Renee! ;) I find a person's mind to be more attractive than their body, and seeing as how I've never met either of them, they're just kinda random meat-cuts in my brain right now...
Mmmm, Soylent Green is movie stars!

"any healthy kid..."

I went with my daughter, we got there about 5 min. to noon, were able to park only a half block away, managed to weasel our way indoors to meet Renee and then later outside, George. I gave both of them little gifts (a vintage purse for her and a 'bouquet' of rose shaped lollipops marked 90% off after Valentine's Day) and they were both surprised and seemed touched. And they both totally grabbed them, meaning, I guess, that no matter how rich or famous you are, everybody likes a nice gift!

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