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Know one thing... I am not afraid.

Gary Gygax
July 27, 1938 - March 4, 2008


You just beat me to it, Tamara.

Sad day.

Man, I was just about to put a post up on that too...
There's many a gamer who will be very sad that Gary rolled a "1" today... :(

Indeed, today he failed to make his saving throw.

Dude was the only true neutral.

I was going to say exactly what 'The Candidiate' just said.

16 Gary Gygax Jokes We Better Not Catch You Making (tasteless, yet funny jokes from woot.com)

1-“Quick! Someone cast Raise Dead!”
2-“Don’t worry – he’s just playtesting the Astral Plane for the next edition.”
3-“He’s gone the way of Star Frontiers.”
4-“Analysts warn of a free-fall in Mountain Dew futures.”
5-“In the next town, you meet a stranger named Barry Bygax.”
6-“Now who will lead our young people to Satan?”
7-“With his last breath, he cursed the name of Marlon Wayans.”
8-“I wonder how they’ll divide up his XP.”
9-“Pallbearers, make a Bend Bars/Lift Gates roll.”
10-"At least he didn't live to see Disney's Greyhawk On Ice."
11-“Lorraine Williams is behind this somehow, I just know it.”
12-“The worlds of adventure gaming, fantasy fandom, and van painting will never be the same.”
13-“When I heard, I cried 2d10 tears.”
14-“Is there anything in the will about electrum?”
15-“Heart condition? Wow, I always thought it’d be owlbears that got him.”
16-“Suddenly, nobody in Heaven wants to hang out with Marilyn Monroe on Friday night.”

freaky. i just googled him (not a gamer) and mpr starts talking about him.

owlbears? i was thinking bugbears, lava children or Bigbys Crushing Hand.

I bet he just lost his silver cord.

"I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else"

-- Gary Gygax

D&D was a part of my life for many years along with my first love, wargames (I think I'm the only guy in Duluth that still plays them). All of those young, creative designers of the 70s are now up in age.It's always a shock when I see their latest photos.

The Onion's take on Gary's passing:

Kyle Trampier, Tailor
"I can react 12 different ways to this news, but I just don't know how to decide."


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