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She went home with her mommy and kids from down the street.
I'll miss her sweet face but she's where she should be.



I saw a missing dog sign on the way to UMD today. It was at the corner of 19th and 8th. The dog's name was Zoe and there is a substantial reward. I can't recall the picture well enough in my head to know if they are the same. You should check it out. She looks like a sweetie, good luck!

The sign at 19th & 8th has been up all this week, and as I recall, it's a dark dog in the pic. I thought of that sign, too, when I saw this headline on PDD. I'll be at that bus stop this morning, in about an hour, I'll check it to make sure it's not the same dog, but I'm very sure it can't be, b/c of the timing.

Just checked the sign on 19th & 8th about the missing dog. Cheyenne is brown/white, 25-30 pounds, and lost. Pic looks like a different dog. Hope both dogs find their way home.

Just to make sure - did you let the police and/or the animal shelter know you have this dog? Most people with lost dogs probably would go to the shelter in hopes that their pet was picked up or turned in - and they may not be PDD readers (or online at all).
I hope she finds her way home - she looks like the dog I had as a kid.

We left our name and number with a bunch of resources... vets, the ER vet, the shelter. As of this morning the shelter said no one has called them to report a missing dog. It makes me want to start a hot-line where people can leave or check messages. Or even someone who just sees a loose animal cross the street can call and leave a message. I once saw this gigantic spotted dog galloping all over town when I lived in Uptown. I drove all over the place trying to catch this beast. It was just skipping around having the best time ... crossing Nicolet and then on to 28th. I was sure this guy would get hit. Then he disappeared. I wish I knew what happened to him.

Even the most well behaved dogs wander off from time to time. Wouldn't a hot-line be helpful?

Anyway, right now she is with my upstairs neighbor and he is actively calling vets and such looking for her home. I hope we hear something soon! I have totally fallen for this girl and would love to return her to her rightful owner. I'm sure she is missed.

The dog might be microchipped. If you took him to a vet or the shelter they could do a quick scan.

i found that dog too! a few years ago she was wandering by my work on 14th ave e. she lives in the neighborhood, for some reason i think she's on 12th ave e or thereabouts. i think she has a fenced yard but gets out sometimes. don't know the owners though, but i'm sure they will respond to your found ad.

she is a super sweet dog...when i found her i was all sad when her real owner came to pick her up.

Well then I don't think they deserve her anymore ... ok I know it's tough to keep a jumpy gal from escaping. I put a collar on her when she got to my house so I could walk her around in case someone was driving around looking for her, and she busted out of it pretty easy. Now she's in a better one that's tough and won't snap.

I'll be sad to see her go too.

You can run a free lost dog ad in the DNT. I had great luck with that when I found a lost dog. His owners saw the ad and called me the very next morning. Good luck!

you might try http://duluth.craigslist.org/laf/

the ad for the "lost pink bean bag" is pretty funny because they call it a "love sack".

I'm glad she made it home safely--I'm sure her family appreciated your efforts! :-)

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