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I Heard That.


Posted by "Pat" on the DCB, on the 5th.

"Duluth Schools plan on participating in the Day of Silence. This pro-homosexual day communicates clear (and false) messages to ALL students in the school that: homosexuality is a worthy lifestyle; that it has few or no risks; that some people are "born" homosexual, including students; and that those who oppose this behavior are hateful and uninformed.

You can read which Duluth schools are involved at this site. http://www.missionamerica.com/agenda.php?articlenum=78"

Many homophobes like to brag that they know "many" homosexuals when trying to justify their prejudice...just to draw the heat off them...

How could Pat post that on DCB? It has quotation marks!

Ugh, I clicked on too many links on the "Mission America" site - now I just want to hit things...
Dissapointed (but not surprised) that my high school is not listed on there.

actually, "Pat" plagiarized his/her (hey...I get it now...It's Pat! Thanks Mr. Franken.) from the Mission America website.

And people like this claim to promote "independent thought." Shit, they can't think far enough ahead to put two words together without someone to coach them through it.


Don't try to educate over there. Ignorance breeds ignorance and there is a rich heritage at the DCB. There are many fearful and homophobic attitudes there as I found out when they were starting their lynch mob over Jeff Anderson's LGTB forum for Obama. Vast immaturity and pedestrian attitudes toward society are at work there. I thik they post comments about the LGTB community while staring at a picture of Strohm Thurmond.

I posted this video on Myspace a couple days ago. This is the e-mail conversation that I had soon after with one of my "friends"...

That guy: "I fail to see what it is that she said, that isn't true. Speaking reality and hate, are two different things. Speaking truth is more loving than lying to ourselves.

You could consider what I said as "hate", but it isn't. MANY of my friends are gay, including my sister. They all know what I think and respect that I'm open about it. In fact. they respect my stance more than they do most gay rights activists. 3/4 of the gay community actually think the activists are retards.

You can kinda parallel that with Christianity, most of the people that "represent" us in the public eye, are also retards."

Me:"So you agree that the gays are trying to infiltrate our society as a whole to destroy the nation? The gays are a bigger threat than terrorists? They are trying to teach that homosexual lifestyles should be acceptable... and that is screwing up the lives of our children?

That's pretty messed up. Especially considering your sister is gay. I'm sure your gay friends really do appreciate your honesty."

That guy: "Your greatest threat, is almost never an immediate threat. Homosexuality is a cancer to society- just look at Africa. The highest concentration of the homosexual group lives in Africa. Or do you think 1.5 million of them per year are infected with aids because they're fucken the monkeys? Highly unlikely. So yeah, I'd say homosexuality kills a whole hell of a lot more people than terrorism does. After all, aids DID come from them in the first place. Not monkey's like many schools would have you believe.

they DO appreciate my honesty. They don't necessarily like what I think, but they appreciate the fact that I'm not gonna sit here and blow smoke up their ass. Instead, im truthful about what I think and stand behind it."

Me: "It's unfortunate that you feel that way."

It doesn't matter who... I find it sad. I have a hard time comprehending the way some people think.

wouldn't "hate speech" be defined as any speech that is attempting to compel a group of people to discriminate against another based on a specific personal factor...such as homosexuality...or the color of their skin, or their religion (or lack thereof) or political affiliation?

I don't get how people who preach this kind of bullshit can justify their actions and words by prefacing them with "I'm not bashing or preaching hate or..." when the words that follow are just that...or are they genuinely that blind to their own prejudice?

Like my friend Buttonhead replied to her friend: "I'm sure your gay friends really do appreciate your honesty."...speaking of, I wonder where exactly your "friend" got his statistical information concerning the 3/4 of all gays think gay activists are retards. Sounds like a load of crap to me.

I like how all of you are up on your soapboxes declaring your great openness to all kinds on one hand and then being extremely prejudiced against the posters at DCB and putting "them" all in the same boat as "racist homophobes". I am a regular poster over there (which is commonly known) and I got into a pretty decent little argument over specifically the Jeff Anderson/LGBT Obama issue where I argued for him.

How about a little tolerance?

Cue the "I hate Danny" comments in 3...2...1...

"all of you"?

2nd "all of you.."

Danny...and I want to make this crystal clear so as to prevent you from putting words in my mouth of misconstruing what I'm saying (because you have a really bad habit of doing so, my friend.)...it's not that I classify everyone over on the DCB as racist homophobes...I don't. If I had meant to convey the idea that EVERYONE ON THE DCB IS A RACIST HOMOPHOBE, I would have said "EVERYONE ON THE DCB IS A RACIST HOMOPHOBE." But I didn't. So I didn't. That was an assumption made by you and you alone. Get it? Though I could indeed (if I had the time) go back through and pick out a fistful of posts from some of the more prominent bloggers that could be taken as prejudicial or even hateful, simply because there is a large cross section of bloggers on the DCB who believe as Pat and the woman in the audio believe...and haven't gotten the message that discriminating against another human being because of the color of their skin or who they fall in love with is completely wrong, despite their interpretation of whatever label they ascribe themselves to.

Putting words in people's mouths is so Karl Rove, Danny...there are also probably a couple of petty legal issues that could possibly arise as a result of your arrogant word-bending...but most importantly, it totally takes away what little credibility you might actually have garnered here.

It's simply not surprising to find a post of that nature on the DCB, and that we've even come to expect such asinine blather from the inhabitants of that site.

The fact that the entire post was copy/pasted directly from the mission america website makes it even more pathetic.

You guys are partly right. I guess I was a bit guilty of the same thing that I was alleging.

What pretty much got me worked up was this particular comment:
"Don't try to educate over there. Ignorance breeds ignorance and there is a rich heritage at the DCB. There are many fearful and homophobic attitudes there as I found out when they were starting their lynch mob over Jeff Anderson's LGTB forum for Obama. Vast immaturity and pedestrian attitudes toward society are at work there. I thik they post comments about the LGTB community while staring at a picture of Strohm Thurmond."

Danny, was I wrong? I mean..really? When it comes to social issues like this, some people at the DCB are a little behind the times. Some would get along very well with the state rep. in this video. My comments are nothing to get worked up over, I mean, they are just words....right?

Danny, why are you even defending DCB on PDD? I briefly posted over there a few months ago, and was flamed repeatedly, not to mention cyber stalked by one of the most prolific trolls over there. And one freak over there with some serious anger management issues really harassed me with personal attacks. I think Nyabuk's comment -- the one you object to -- is exactly how I found the climate over there, and I know other lurkers over there feel the same way. I found few of the DCBers to be sane; they made thoughtful contributions to the discussion. On the whole, though, DCB is a lynch mob of angry and fearful people who think it's ok to attack and disparage both private citizens and public officials for whatever stupid and irrational reasons they have for their hate. I don't even go over there anymore b/c I find reading DCB to be equivalent to swimming in raw sewage. I think of them as similar to the punks who scrawl graffiti on public spaces -- my feeling is if someone doesn't have the guts to own their words and their opinions, it's not really worth my time to pay any attention to them. The majority of the DCBers who post over there are racist homophobes, Danny, and not only that: they're punks who engage in high-tech defacing of public spaces with their vitriolic spewings.

nbayuk, there is a big difference between saying:

"Don't try to educate over there. Ignorance breeds ignorance and there is a rich heritage at the DCB. There are many fearful and homophobic attitudes there"

"some people at the DCB are a little behind the times."

I was big enough to admit the faults in my previous post, can you do the same?

And as for your comments Claire, I think you are going a little overboard. Using words like attack and harassed when refering to posting on an internet message board is a bit over the edge, in my opinion. And besides, I've heard some stories from former posters on THIS site where they have been tracked down via isp address and attempted to be confronted personally. That stuff is scary. It doesnt happen on DCB...in fact, it can't due to method of posting.

Oh...and as for the video, even if you aggree with the sentiment (which I do) you have to admit that it's pretty lame. Reminds me of lame-ass anti-drug commercials.

Danny, I meant what I said. I take real issue with people with attiudes like that. It is attitudes like that that create hate and violence. I don't think Claire was overboard at all. It can get a little rediculous over there sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it is fun getting the kiddies worked up and getting funny reactions, but some of the posts over there are just plain dumb.

"Danny, I meant what I said. "

Which time? When you said that SOME people at the DCB are a little behind the times or when you said there are MANY fearful and homophobic attitudes there?

And P.S. "Hate" doesnt always lead to violence. Hate is a perfectly natural emotion. For example: I hate corn, but I don't plan on going to a farm and beating the crap out of a farmer anytime soon.

There is that wit and wisom of Danny. Hate is a very stron emotion that usually leads to violence when dealing with people. I am glad you can incorporate vegetables in this discussion about hate for people.

I meant all of what i said in every post in this discussion. Actually, the DCB comes in second next the the Tribunes posts for sheer dumbassness. I don't even bother with some of those people.

Hate does not usually lead to violence. It just doesnt. Violence usually stems from hate, sure. But not vice-versa.

And please, PLEASE explain to me what comment you are standing by. Is it the "SOME" comment or the "MANY" comment. As is the whole point of this post, words mean things.

I know that words mean things, I was palying off of the words in the video. I am standing by all of my posts here...some...many, whatever. We will just say..a lot. I will await your further nitpick of words and any opportunity to try to prove someone wrong

Well Danny, as another one who used to frequent the DCB, I find this statement VERY accurate:

"Don't try to educate over there. Ignorance breeds ignorance and there is a rich heritage at the DCB. There are many fearful and homophobic attitudes there"

So let me get this straight nbayuk. I overreact in a comment and realize that I have done so. Then, I admit that fault. But you get called on saying two different things and you "attack" the messenger as a nitpicker. Yeah. I'm the closed-minded one.

Let's also all keep in mind that the phrase "I hate Danny" is very common from comment on this site. Should I start to worry about the violence that is sure to come my way because of this "hate"?

And Chester...thanks for joining the party. That um...helped.

Do things always get this personal here? And what is "DCB"

Back to the original post ... as a practicing, believing (yet imperfect) Christian I must say that I strongly believe that the woman who is speaking is WAY off the Jesus bandwagon with her words and attitudes. People need to speak out against hate because there are extremists out there (lots of them) who will come to kill, steal, and destroy ...

JP, thank you for bringing us back to the topic at hand. I agree with you that this woman is not indicitive of the Christian people. I too am a practicing yet flawed Christian and have a big problem with what she is saying. We all need to combat this hate and extremist views and get people informed

rumor on the intranets is this dipshit's son is a 'mo. figures. she must be tight with alan keyes.

Danny, I'll respond and then let it drop about DCB. I just don't have the time or inclination to bother with that group of freaks. I will tell you that I received several unsolicited emails in my personal email acct from a DCBer, as did at least two people I know. And it was obvious, despite his long winded denials, that one of the trolls did a public records search on me. Another one made attacks on me in the same posting where he vented about someone's pet having been killed by someone else who had political differences with its owner. Don't tell me that the DCBers are harmless jokesters just having a little fun. They are, as Nyabuk said, racist homophobes -- and a lot of them have some huge chips on their shoulders. It's interesting, women they don't like and gays seem to really come under attack over there. They are even scarier than that woman in the YouTube video talking about homosexuals taking over the world -- because they have those high tech hoods hiding their identities. Those DCBers wouldn't dare say some of the things they write to anyone's face -- they'd be arrested, maybe even held for a 72 hr observation period b/c they're crazies.

Well, I'm not expecting a reply two this since you said you are done with the issue. However, I would love to ask (again) how you can possibly not have the ability to make the distinction between some and most? Claire, in your comment above you spoke about one (or possibly two) particular poster on DCB trying to find personal information about you. And yes...that is totally messed up...from that particular one (or two) person. Personally, I would have considered making a phone call to the police in that situation. The point is, that is just one or two people. Putting the entire group in that catagory of "those DCBers" is just painting a way too broad brush. My guess is that you disaggree with some of the stuff that other posters post politically so it's easy to put them all in the same boat as those who may have harrassed you. I'd like to point out (again) that another poster on the DCB has taken umbridge with my comments about labor unions and has "invited" me to The Reef to "discuss" my opinions with him and his buddies. When I denied I was refered to as a chicken. Do I think that all people in unions are like that? No.

I also have pointed out in this very "thread" that an associate of mine who used to post here on PDD was personally harrased to a much further extent than you were from "those DCBers"...and that comment was completely ignored.

My main point in jumping into this debate to begin with was because it was being implied that all regular DCB posters are dangerous homophobic racists. As a regular poster over there, I took a little offense.

Why does every goddamn post turn into "What Does Danny Think?"

If you're going to keep talking to trolls, I'm going to start treating you like trolls--Claire, Zra, I'm looking at you. Seriously, let him die in a vacuum.

I could give a fuck what the DCB thinks. I could give a fuck what Danny thinks. I could give a fuck what you think about the DCB and Danny. Stop already.

It's posts like that one from adam which make me realize how much more tolerant and less hateful PDD is compared to DCB.

My God. Get outside and soak up some sun. All of you. Now!


this place isn't hateful. everyone just hates YOU.

(p.s. - agreeing with the sentiment in this video [as you said you do] makes you a total piece of human garbage.)

Um, I aggree with the sentiment on the video portion, not the audio portion.


"Shiny Happy People holding hands..."


Sorry about the "dumbass" comment.

JP wrote:Do things always get this personal here? And what is "DCB"

Things get personal here if you don't toe the party line, don't adhere to the common groupthink, don't drink the same color kool-aid. Lord help you if you happen to drive a car that isn't approved by the members here. Or have a halfways original idea. Or question the prevailing groupthink.

DCB stands for Duluth Citizen's Blog. It is the conservative alternative to this site. Just as narrow minded, us-against-them, we-know-how-you-should-live-your-life, and belligerently hardheaded as here (except without pretty pictures of sunsets or ice).

Being both a liberal and a conservative (depending on the issue), I read both - and weep for the future of my freedom in this country. Both sides seem only to want to crush it, steal it, hoard it only for themselves.

Nobody weird like me,

P.S. Some of my best friends are liberals.

some of my best friends live in barrels?


And some of my best friends are gay. Including one of my foster daughters.

And some of my friends live in glass houses...

Some of my best friends like pretty pictures of sunsets and ice.

Seriously pistoffnick, your assessment of both sites kicked alot of ass.

some of your friends have grass couches?

seriously where do you get this stuff?

Wait a sec. Grass couches? What in the hell does that mean?!

I can say from experience that people do indeed get flamed (napalmed even) on PDD.
If you recall the Nice/Ness thread....

I can say from experience that people do indeed get flamed (napalmed even) on PDD.
If you recall the Nice/Ness thread....

I have a grass couch in my house in the city. My summer home is much more moderner.

In general, any time I've seen someone blatantly flamed on PDD, it's not because they have different views or values, it's because they were a complete ass when they posted it!
Admittedly, the PDD community does tend to have a lot of the same (liberal) values, but it's not the result of group-think. There are many people who post here who have respectfully brought up counter-arguments that got all of us thinking and intelligently debating the issues. There are also people who have posted something that 99% of the posters agreed on, but they were such an ass that they got flamed.
To write all of PDD off as a bunch of liberal over-reactive fucktards (or rump-runners?) pretty much just proves the point that you deserve the flaming you get.

And we also flame people who forget to close their "bold" tags!
Sheesh! What dumbasses!

this audio clip's makin news:


"(Sally) Kern said she has no regrets for her statements and denies she was gay-bashing. Her Christian faith teachers her to be loving to individuals, but not their lifestyle, she said...the wife of a Baptist minister, said "everything is being played out of proportion."

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