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Good to know... good to know...

And because this is so damn funny:


I love The Office, but these are the worst kind of posts, they require no creativity or effort. If you want to share this with people, you can email the link to your freinds. I can go to YouTube myself to find stuff like this. I know bandwith isn't in short supply, but that's no excuse to waste it.

With all due respect, I agree. PDD is best when it is locally relevant with original material.

Wolves live on Isle Royale and in Northern Minnesota. And meteors can hit anyone anywhere anytime.

Don't for get the beet eating, battlestar galactica watching black bears!

It's not the picture. It's the frame you put it in.

IMHO, not that you asked, posts are as relevant as you make them. While it helps if the topic is about something that has happened within Duluth we do have such various categories as Zombies, Creepy Japanese Things, and Earth. Also the RIP and Good Riddance categories are seldom (if ever) used for local deaths.

So to get back to my first point, I think posts are made relevant by how they are framed and introduced to our specific audience. My 2ยข.

Now listen carefully....I am not picking on anyone but when the author of this post is chided to "email their friends instead of posting" and asked to provide "original material" I must comment.
I actually found the post relevant - I work in an office and pay close attention to PSA's;)
I also found the post funny which is more than I can say about the posts involving Star Wars or secret script (01001).
Now that last sentence is not made to incite a Holy War of comment retaliation but showing I appreciate all posts.

When I said "orginal material" I meant that some commentary along with the videos would be nice.

I'm not saying everything *must* be locally relevant, but let's face it, when someone posts ORIGINAL (read: not stolen from another site) photos, and writes something locally relevant, those are the best posts.

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