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I love Kermit.

I hate Disney.

I've never seen K-Mit bust a move that that.

Is this the stuff that those enema-needing blokes at DCB claim is far-left liberal garbage? They are in a far worse fantasy world than the Muppets.

I would imagine the only Talking Heads some people over at the DCB listen to are Hannity, O'Reilly, and other Faux News types.

How in the world can you watch this and immediatly think about DCB? I'm starting to see a weird obsession around here.

Here's a taste of DCB

More T-shirt ideas for your review.

DCB: Where the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

DCB , Fair and Balanced

DCB: A beacon of hope in a city of despair.

DCB: Exposing pudnockers one congressional district at a time.

DCB, the bloggers with real balls.

Friends don't let friends blog at PDD.

PDD ? Creative class, my ass.

DCB: Protecting wallets and bungholes since 2006.



Save a tree read the DCB

DCB where no fancy pictures are required to facilitate dialog and disseminate facts

Amazing. Four direct references to PDD. Its DCB which is obsessed with PDD, not the other way around.

I find their impotent rage hilarious.

I like "City of Despair," myself. That, with the silhouette of the bridge, would be great. I could do without a DCB reference though.

The Candidate:

Well, I'm with you on that one. That one (and a couple of others) guy seems to be obsessed with PDD just as much as a few people around here are obsessed with DCB.

"Site Wars" are always lame.

DCB is always lame.

Ok dude. You are an angry, angry man arent you?

I'm sensing "height" issues.

You can do better than that.

You can do better than that.

You can do better than that.

A three-fer. I got a wonky wireless.

Danny, what you're sensing are "depth" issues. Zing!

Does this stupid fight have to happen here? No one is interested. Please stop.

I'm sorry.

I'll take the low road.

Danny smells.

I already took the low road...on episode 20 of the award-winning local podcast, Danny Does Duluth. Found exclusively at www.dannydoesduluth.com

Ok. Now I'm done.

A muppet YouTube video that erupts into an unrelated blog fight. I nominate this for the worst PDD post ever.

Fighting in the middle of a Muppets/Talking Heads mash-up is distinctly unpatriotic.

Sidebar: the Mayor of Ashland has a suit that he wears from time to time that reminds me of David Byrne's big white suit. It lends him a certain Muppet-esque quality.

I will admit I am part of the blog fight problem around here. I am submitting ,y pledge not to mentioned the DCB on here anymore. I just figured Kermit the Frog doing an impression of David Byrne would give some people a chuckle. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. But I, for one will not mention it again!!

Tim Finn from Crowded House did a song called "Six Months on A Leaky Boat (Aotearoa)" with the Wiggles.

David Byrne always kicks ass, Muppets or no Muppets!

God I love David Byrne...

The strange sex appeal is just not there with Kermy though...

You had me at I love Kermit.

I was the first to mention DCB here, so I apologize. They censor posts over there, so I thought I'd make a comment here after talking about K-Mit's amazing video performance.

how can you love David Bryne?

He's responsible for the demise of the Talking Heads? If he didn't have to do his retarded solo career, we could still see them in concert.


David Bryne is great.


I'd rather see K-Mit signing a Modern Talking song.

wait...Byrne's responsible for the Heads' demise...how?

He saw they'd pretty much reached their peak, and that he was moving in a direction that none of the rest of the band wanted to follow.

Besides, after they parted with Eno, the whole innovative slant they had kinda went out the window.

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