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For Review



In preparation for Geek Prom I thought it would be instructive to review 101 ways to pwn a noob. This will be both instructive for a) the noob who is about to be pwned even though, as said noob, there is no way around being pwned, but at least you have some idea of what you have coming, and b) the uber pwner who, in his or her glorious rush to pwn said noob, may have forgotten certain options for said pwnage.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

[Thanks Ironic Gamer!]


"Sports Teams"? I guess that's almost geek if you're talking Madden.

And pardon me to delve in to the realm of ├╝ber-geek for a moment when I say that I'm not too sure about the design of that trebuchet...

(((( f-_-)f

The leader shell makes me mad more than any of the others. F#@&!#& leader shell.

Shouldn't noob be spelled n00b?



there aren't any ninjas on there.

Neal, Neal, Neal... you never see the ninjas but they are there. Oh yes. They are there.

all i need is the flak cannon.

For all you geek promers.
I now have a major crush on Spock.
This is hot....very very hot.

While this post appears to be written in English, I'm just not getting it. Perhaps I am geek prom impaired.

Lucie, perhaps you need a Leet Speak Primer.

That primer is a gas! Can anyone guess what she's singing in the first quiz? She has a beat, but no tone :) I'll give you a hint if you want it.

I prefer Lolcat myself for geekiness.

I gotta think the force works best.

It doesn't have Rickrolling. That's the ultimate pwnage.

Neal, this list was meant to be instructive, not obscene! There are such things as rules of engagement, even in pwning.

dance moves ftw

Hey this is my design! Thanks for putting it up here, I'm flattered! btw n00b is still n00b on this shirt, but in all caps, it's hard to tell

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