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This is a reminder to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight.

This is also a wake up call that daylight savings time actually wastes energy instead of conserving it, as we've been led to believe.


Energy shmenergy. Gimme the light.

I lived for most of my life without DST. If you want more light in the evening I managed it by getting up earlier and knocking off work earlier. Or, for that matter, just knocking off work earlier without the getting up earlier part.

Doh! Thanks for the reminder. Totally spaced it.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

does anybody really care? (about time?)

One could argue, though, that an increase of power consumption might be offset by an increase in human productivity (the good kind, too). There are too many factors to decide for sure.

Then why not just make DST standard time? I mean, after all, "standard time" is a misnomer anyhow as we are only on "standard time" for a little over a third of the year.

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