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Dear Dick Palmer

At the end of your Budgeteer column this week you told a joke about a Scandinavian man falling out of a movie theater balcony. I would like you to know that that joke was outdated before I was even born. Movie theater balconies stopped being commonplace about 40 years ago.

Please adjust your ethnic humor to fit the current century.

Thank you.


I remember heading up to the balcony in my hometown moviehouse back in the 80s and it's still operating, though the balcony seems to always be roped off.

But, yeah, this is the exception.

Dick Palmer.

Dick Palmer?


I think that guy is already an expert on stupid jokes. He's just writing what he knows.

oh the budgeteer. my favorite was a column many years ago written by some old guy about computers. I think he wrote his column on an Apple IIc. He was talking about "the napster" and how his friends daughter's schoolmate was using it and the program took total control of her computer and would turn it on and off. his advice was "once that's on your computer, there's nothing you can do really. you're forced to buy a new computer". wow, if you do buy one, make sure it has one of those new floppy drives for the smaller discs. i hear they're going to replace the 5" floppies soon.

My favorite movie experience was at a theater with a balcony. The kids on top started throwing wrappers and stuff down and the kids below threw it back (which required some ingenuity, given they did not have the advantage of gravity) and it turned into a huge war.

The budgeteer makes me wanna throttle someone. Most weeks it's a toss up to which is more dumb, the letters to the editor or the "featured" stories. Yeah, I have wanted to get that off my chest for a while...

I just happened to notice in the commercial for the just do campaign for blue cross blue shield that does the dork dancing the old guy sitting in the waiting area with the newspaper has a budgeteer news in his hands.

deadheads used to throw marshmallows at each other during set breaks.

"From da balcony" ... gold.

"Eddie Money: 'I'm a lot bigger in Minnesota than in L.A.'" Dang, I miss getting the Budgeteer.

I should also add that movie theaters don't have ushers anymore, nor do they have a "32nd row."

That said, don't hate too hard on the Budge, BIF. For one thing, letters to the editor are dumb in every paper. And, as Cork pointed out, the Eddie Money interview was pretty fricken priceless.

Reading newspapers is only common amongst those who attended movies over forty years ago.(IT'S TRUE) So he's writing for his audience... so whats the problem?

Would someone care to pen a joke about a Finlander and an ipod?

"Would someone care to pen a joke about a Finlander and an ipod?"


That's funny. It just occurred to me that I haven't been receiving the Budgeteer. How totally weird that I didn't notice that AT ALL. Obviously, it's a great paper.

Oh, boy, I feel so valued in this community!

I fucking love the Budgeteer. Seriously. I mean it's hilarious in many ways, but it's easily the third best local publication on newsprint (behind the DNT and the Statesman, just ahead of the Hillsider, though watch out, the Hillsider gets better every day). And the community calendar is by fucking-far the best in town. Not that many of you douche bags read things, or need to know when, say, Brother Dyson is coming to your little port town. But I do. And I find the Budgeteer community calendar an indispensable tool for meeting that need.
I know, I know. Palmer, Doty and his buddies are hilarious. But the world is mostly full of zenophobic pricks, particularly when it comes to owing newspapers and shit, so suck it up. Anyway, you should consider it reconnaissance; keepng tabs your own local Rotarian mini-fascists.
Not to mention (the above posting)Perrine is the only newspaperman in town, save for Andrew "I'm Hurting Duluth" Olson, writing about local music at all. Which, from reading your past threads, a lot of you dipshits are REALLY REALLY into. Right? Rrrriiiiggghhhhtttt.

Long live the Budgeteer!

burly burlesque speaks the truth. it may be a cowtown paper, but someone's gotta provide the beef.

and he reminded me that i can't go and see michael eric dyson, because i have to have dinner with my mom.

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