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celeb meeting

I played music with George Gerdes of Iron Will at the old Open concepts gallery, also was Charlize Theron 's pool partner at the rap party for North country. Gave Bonnie Raitt a glass of water when I was on site crew at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.


This should have been a comment On the George Cloony site, could you take this down

I once polished James Fallows' shoes at Singapore International. Gave Bernadette Mashugana a wet willy in a Des Moines Taco Bell. Put a new roof on Tyrone Drival's summer place up in I-Falls. Pushed cattle in the spring run of aught-nine from Boise to Lake Placid with Lissa McMacnaMcnara.

I saw the movie Copland with Aerosmith. It was the night the movie premiered at the theaters at the MOA. The theater was half empty, but the management had a row right in the middle roped off for Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to sit and enjoy the film without being bothered.

Charlize Theron and Frank.



You know I gave her my best line. The old Buddist awareness of the awakening of a moment or when a moment appears you should take it before it's gone. I don't know what went wrong, that worked once about 10 years ago.

Forgot about the time a sucked the little toe of the left foot of one Harold Benjamin Terwilliger during a rousing rendition of "Alive, Russia!" by the Blue Earth County Great War Veterans at the Mankato Memorial Auditorium. Talk about sexy!

I have more funny celebrity encounters! I was at a party at this big booksellers convention I go to each year -- everyone who's published or will publish a book goes to talk up their book to booksellers. It's a blast. Anyway, Stephen Colbert showed up at the party, and was the biggesst celeb there. And of course, his show is rocking in the ratings. So, we all circled about him like vultures, he must have been worried that we'd eat him up. He did look mighty delicious. And I did a story a few months ago on the writers strike and authors who would appear or not appear on the late night shows. Everyone in Duluth was really impressed that I actually spoke to Colbert and Letterman's producers, while my editors in NYC couldn't believe that I'd actually walked up to Al Franken and got a quote from him for my report. Oh, I told my editors, I see Al Franken all the time. He's always visiting Duluth. Yeah, him and Dylan.

At Lollapalooza '91, I shared microwave popcorn with the Rollins band and met Trent Reznor (he's my hight - short). I met Chris Isaak in Boston, but I thought he was in the mob.

I met Al Franken at the Bruegger's Bagels in South Minneapolis (46th & Nicollet) this past fall. Take that.

I gave Frank Nichols a glass of water at the Winnipeg folk festival once,...changed my life.

don't EVEN get me started on art garfunkel.

Oooh, I served Paul Wellstone coffee (before he was dead, of course).

I meet a puppeteer at a wedding. He was cagey about exactly he did, saying he worked for Boston Public Television, until his slightly inebriated wife blurted out that he was "Snuffy's Butt" on Sesame Street and also moonlighted as "Cuddles" the fabric softener bear. It was a touch with greatness.

My wife and I escorted Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch of the West) around Telluride, Colorado one afternoon.

I once watched Maury Povich fall while getting off the chairlift I was working at the Big Mountain in Whitefish, MT.

I saw Pat Kelly buying slacks at Kohl's once.

Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo sold me a chocolate cupcake at a Moveon.org fundraiser bake sale in Greenwich Village a few years ago! Take that, Evil, I'll bet Al F didn't sell you any bagels!

BTW, it was b4 Al & Franny moved back to Minny. When I told him I live in Duluth, he got all misty-eyed, and we talked for about 5 min. about Wellstone and about Minny in general. When I interviewed him after he moved back to Mlps, he wasn't as nice.

Art Linkletter and I traded smiles when I was two.

I also met George Kessler coming out of the library one day with the book "How to make people really like you" under his arm. I was 28 then.

And of course, I've met Walter Bennett, who had his picture in the Sunday paper - Check it out! I'm 30 now.

I sat next Frank Stallone on a flight from
Dallas to Los Angeles.

...at about 11:00 today I unleashed an atomic fart in the wienie isle at Cub and
Amy Rutledge steered her child-laden cart RIGHT INTO IT! oh the humanity...

I had to drive the B52's around Minneapolis for 2 days 2 summers ago while they were doing a Microsoft gig at the convention center. Sell outs!!

Yesterday evening my son held the door for Barbara Reyelts at Bayside Market. She said thank you.

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