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Busking Auditions on SATURDAY



perhaps we could recreate the movie 'once'...but with a distinct Scandinavian flare..

Gosh, will there be a schedule available, so I'll know where not to be to avoid jugglers, magicians and mimes this summer?

He he he

Your home should be fairly safe. Hopefully this idea willspawn a Sven + Ole type thing like those Latin buskers from Mexico.

So, who are the judges for this? How is it going to be decided who's "art" is the best?

The Duluth Public Arts Commission will be judging. Yes that's right we actually do something.

Can art really be judged?

I'd like to see more street performers in Duluth at all times, not just for certain times allotted by permit.
Ahh well, it's a cool start (except for the "mime" part... *shudder*)

Let's remember our performance hierarchy from "Family Guy": legitimate theatre, musical theatre, stand-up, ventriloquism, magic, mime.

(OK, I'll own up: They forgot "third-rate newspaperman" ... ha!)

Does sidewalk chalk art count? That's my dream.

I even have a two-year old to help!

How about interpretive dance to the songs of Warrant?

Painting is an act?

Norton Wisdom and Cloud Cult come to mind.

frenchy fron new orleans as well.

french larry from madeline island.

OMG, Maria, you've invoked the Chthonian maddness. We HAD sealed him in the crypt...and now you go and willynilly utter his name...God help us all.

I could do that juggling (hacky sack) act from that movie with Freddy Prince Jr. if you would like. :)

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