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Big boys jumping in

Press release feb. 26, 2008, 09:40 a/m.

Shell oil developing 4 billion dollar wind farm in Texas panhandle. Not to be outdone Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens announced hie own wind project in the same area , a 10 billion dollar project. Pickens made his money on betting early on promising new energy sources.
Our federal government is going to spend 100 billion dollar deal outsourcing the building of flying gas tanks to the french. Meanwhile locally the Decc hocky rink and the gambling sports train move forward at an estimated cost of 500 million dollars. Change you got to love.


You know it seems everything people do has some kind of negative impact of the environment. I wonder if millions of these windmills are going to slow the earths rotations or change wind patterns and weather.

millions of windmills would have no more impact on rotation, weather and wind patterns than millions of trees...

though i am beginning to wonder...the price of wheat has doubled in the last few days. maybe turning our food into fuel isn't such a great idea after all.

Unfortunatly nothing comes without some cost. I don't think we would affect the earth's rotation any more then building another skyscraper would. I think the major lost will be visual. I talked to a friend from North Dakota who is making money putting windturbines up and he had a hard time with all the little service roads that were going to all the turbines.
The perfect solution would be that a building would be self sufficient,not as far off as you might think. I like solar as much as I like wind maybe more as it is much more applicable in Duluth and usually has a smaller footprint. I like the idea of solar underneath wind turbines on top of geothermal.
Which is better? A coal plant with the associated problems of mercury, co2 emissions, knocking the tops of Smoky mts. for the coal vs the lost of visual for something that has a relatively smalll footprint. The city of Austin, has gone so green they canceled two coal fired plants. I think this happened in Colorado to,but I'm not sure.
One thing about it, it is not going to stop now. Would it be better to spend our money on bringing windturbine manufacturing plants to Duluth vs more hockey rinks? It's not even close for me. Would I rather see jobs that pay 18 dollars an hours with heath ins, and actually would do something about our Global warming, or perhaps would keep some young person from fighting for oil vs. spending money on minimum wage jobs for enertainment. it's a no brainer

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