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Banner Drive!


I love the rotating PDD banners. We all love the rotating PDD banners. But a few of us had a discussion last week and came to the conclusion that it's time for some freshening up around here. So here's what we're gonna do:

1) Make new banners! Get out there and click, scan, whatever. These photos must be your originals and they must be locally relevant. They can be old or new, as long as they haven't been banners before.

2) Upload your banners to the new directory, /headers08/. (Same old technique - if you've done it before, you can do it again.)

3) When we get a good number of new banners in the new directory, we'll switch over to all-new banners. I'll keep the old directory intact, and sometime in the future after we've all forgotten the old banners, we can switch back for nostalgia's sake.


I should add: Whoever's been adding all the great banners lately -- thank you. Maybe you should submit them to the new directory, too so that we can keep enjoying them.

I just have the factory photo program for my Dell computer. If I send a photo to you can you use a better photo program to re size it?

maybe keep the recent uploads (last six or twelve months??), and archive the remainder?

Can I be sent my pw? lost it.

Any chance we can get a working archive of all the old banners? The designated flickr archive hasn't been working for ages. I've sent several banners there and they've never shown up.

A working archive would be nice for those of us who upload a bunch and can't remember. None of the banners I uploaded ever got added to the Flickr page so I don't have track of what I added.

Nbayuk, there is a free, open-source program called GIMP that works great for editing photos.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "working" archive, but I can cook up some kind of page where the old images are posted.

The Flickr page later got bombed with spam, so it had to be shut down. A system is being developed for the new directory to automatically add the banners to Flickr.

ALSO! HEY! It seems that someone added some banners to the OLD directory today! NO!

The new directory is /headers08/ not /headers/

Hey, I can't figure out how to upload banners. Is there a link I'm missing or something? -Thanks

Upload them as you would a photo for a post, but don't make the post. Type /headers08/ at the bottom of the popup window.

ANOTHER THING: I've noticed that some of the uploads so far are using stolen images. Please don't do this. Please use only images you took yourself.

The shot of the Retribution Gospel Choir stolen from the front of the Wave, for example ... I'm taking that out of the mix.

Easy way: log into PDD and click on the "Upload File" link, choose your file, and type in headers08 in the "Local Site Path" field. Repeat.

Ok. That sounds easy. But, alas...I am not a member! Will PDD be accepting new members soon? I've been reading this blog for a long time, and would like to contribute.

Another option is to just email the banners to me at [email protected]

I took the picture of Donny at the Last Supper myself... yep...

Hey -- thanks for your efforts Barrett in keeping PDD fresh and pretty. I love banner-watching 7 look forward to what's to come.

Is there a place we can look at the new banners? I'm getting OCD, maybe even RSI, from refreshing the page.

Lucie B: Thanks! But I'm not the only one involved here. PDD is a community.

Beverly: We're working on a program that will automatically collect the new banners as they are uploaded and post them to a Flickr account. Until it's ready, you'll have to be patient. (And by "we" I don't mean "me." See my response to Lucie.)

What exactly are you looking for when you say resize? Do we need to make the pictures into banner size before we upload them? If so what is banner size?

Yes, you need to resize your photos to 698px by 221px. Then you'll need to download the ogo here (.psd [Adobe Photoshop] file), and layer it over the top. Banner creation is by no means automatic. You'll need to build the banner yourself and then upload it.

Nothing I have can open that logo. Will that Gimp program you mentioned help with that?

I believe you can open Photoshop documents with GIMP, though I've never tried it.

yep I use gimp to make banners from the psd template

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