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warning! not for the faint of heart.
our tax dollars at work


I will get the ball rolling on this one, and I will be treading softly and not let emotions get in the way. I haven't supported this "war" since the beginning. Horrible things are happening due to the nature of the "mission". Our troops are being over worked, they are over stressed and they are not getting the care they need to deal with it all and it is coming out in ways shown in the video's. I do not think this is indicitive of our troops as a whole, not even close. I think the media has been VERY one sided and tend to leave out some of the good things that happen over there thanks to our troops, not our leaders. Soldiers take orders just like anyone else, they don't have much choice in the matter. I think the majority of them have done outstanding work over there building hospitals, organizing schools, and getting elections off the ground. I would also point out the shameful and dispicable actions of our leaders. They are more than ready to send our troops to carry out their agendas and missions, but refuse to properly equip and staff them. I have a friend from Duluth who's parents had to buy him a flak jacket because the army would not issue him one due to lack of funds. If people have ill will towards anyone, take a look at the leadership overall, good topic c-freak, I hope this sparks some discussion.

Ok. I just want to get the right. What you are saying here is this:


Just want to make sure.

Good Morning America was kind enough to not show the actual puppy being tossed over the cliff but continued with the yelping and made a point of commenting on how the yelping stopped as it hit the ground. That made my heart hit my stomach so hard ... what is WITH this world.

Oh and D-ass-anny. I've stayed mostly out of this bash DDD campaign

but I hate you

AmI saying President Bush went to I raq and told him to kill the puppy, no. I AM saying that by cutting the VA benifits and extending the tours of duty like he has, he has overworked some people in a very bad situation and things like this have the potential to happen. My point is, we have a great armed services in this nation comprised of very brave soldiers who are willing to die for family and country. Unfortunately, we have a Presidency, and a Congress that is chosing not to support them by cutting VA benifits, not adequetly supplying them with what they need, and overworking them by extending tours of duty.

I would like to reiterate that I also hate Danny. Danny, I hate you. You'd think that someone who subsists solely by huffing the farts out of the asses of dogs would have more sympathy.

I have total sympathy. The guy is an asshole. Actually, I am somebody who especially hates this sort of malicious cruelty to animals. A couple of years back I had a dog who was killed by a deranged neighbor for no reason whatsoever. It was part of a string of poisonings to neighborhood pets and mine was the first. It was a pretty horrible situation and holding my beagle in my arms, trying to sooth him while he was obviosly panicking, eyes wide open, breathing quickly and heavily until he finally just slumped and froze was a moment that will haunt me for the rest of my life. It was really, really horrific and I will never be able to understand how some people can do this sort of thing to an innocent pet.

All I'm saying is that it's ridiculous that some people see stories like this and the first thing they can think to do is blame the government for a number of things like cutting VA benefits or sending soldiers to Iraq or whatever. How about the guy was a total asshole and probably would have been a total asshole even if he wasnt a soldier?

apparently, danny didn't bother to read the title of the post. nice knee jerk reaction.


I imagine people are cuing up to eviscerate your flaccid arguments so let me just say that I resent your attempt to portray yourself as anything other than a culturally degenerate nimrod with atrophied genitals.

Stupid assholes being just that, stupid assholes, hopefully they get their just desserts. Has nothing to do with the war or tax dollars though.

And all those dead Iraqi civilians might have died of natural causes even if our Government hadn't have blown the shit out of them for no reason.

God, what a mess we've made.

I've done a little bit of research on this. I'm sure that I'm not the only one, since I heard the story on a radio news break earlier today.

Anyway, for the record (and since I didnt see it posted anywhere previously here) this did not happen in Iraq. The soldier was stationed in Hawaii which is where the puppy incedent took place.

So yeah...our horrible government and our horrible war-criminal president is at blame for all of this by sending this soldier to scary, war-torn Hawaii.

Throwing puppies off of a cliff? What is the problem with that?

yep. there are lots of tanks ramming cars in the streets and humvees shooting at sheep & cows in hawaii. did you even watch all the vids? and it has everything to do with the war and our tax dollars. i want our troops outta there yesterday.

PS There's plenty of Hawaiians who'd like their occupied territory returned.

usually psychopaths start by torturing animals and move up to killing people. but i really see no reason why it can't be the other way around.

All the articles I've seen about this say that the soldier in question is stationed in Hawaii, not that the puppy thing happened in Hawaii. Why would he be running around in desert fatigues in Hawaii, anyway? Is there even any terrain in Hawaii that looks anything like a desert?

Ahh, forgive me--I guess there is a pretty big semi-arid area on Kauai.

I've read a few articles stating that the specific uniform he's wearing is not something a Marine would be wearing in Iraq. An there are plenty of places in Hawaii that "look like Iraq". That have sand there.

Regardless of WHERE this happened I'm also seeing alot of reports where people think that the video is fake and thinking that the puppy is either fake or already dead. It doesnt move and the yelps sound dubbed in. It does sort of remind me of some of the fake scenes from Faces Of Death. I don't know. Could be real, could be fake. Who knows?

My whole reason for questioning the thinking behind posting this stuff has nothing to do with the authenticity of the video(s). I just hate the whole attitude of people posting a couple of nasty videos of the soldiers and saying "See! This war is horrible and our soldiers are all psychotic murderers thanks to Bush! Here's your proof!" That sort of "throw a few examples out there attitude doesnt help the cause of changing minds. It just makes it look like you are simple-minded and prejudiced. It reminds me of racists using that picture of the black guy with the golf balls in his mouth in their propoganda.

But, whatever. I doubt I will be changing anyone's minds around here. They all seem to be mae up already even before these videos were posted. And besides, I'm apparently some sort of a hated pariah on the PDD.

as i said before, there are other videos contained in the link of shitty behavior. check them out instead of focusing on the puppy.

....And besides, I'm apparently some sort of a hated pariah on the PDD.


Faces of Death was fake?

see danny, that's what pisses people off. you say folks look "simple minded and prejuiced". you bruoght up bush. you don't bother to even hear other peoples opinions and ideas. you put words in posters mouths and basically twist everything around. most here opposed the war from the get go. you know that coming in here. i hate the war. i'm old enough to know vietnam vets and i know what war does to folks. it makes them do stupid, detached shit. nbayuk made a very intelligent post and you respond with "bush made this soldier kill the puppy". yours is not a thought out post and completely untrue. i suspect you don't thuroghly read thru the posts and kinda fly off the handle to prove you pov. i supported our troops by saying NO. i was called un-american. to me, it's was most american thing i could do.

The post reads: "assholes". I think we can all agree people who throw puppies off of cliffs are assholes.
It goes on to say "warning! not for the faint of heart". A thoughtful heads-up, no?
And, finally, "out tax dollars at work". Soldiers are government employees. Government employees are paid with tax dollars. We are then paying people to throw puppies off of cliffs. That is all it says.
Danny, people don't hate you because they're close-minded and unreasonable. You're just really bad at explaining yourself. Also, you say things that make you seem like kind of a dick. And a moron.
And we don't hate Bush and his administration for dead puppies. It's actually more of a result of the THOUSANDS of dead and maimed people. All of the unnecessary lives lost and ruined because of abject greed.
It's not a new thing, I know. People have been waging wars for thousands of years for spices and silk and rape and all of the finer things in life. But, we do have a right to be upset by it every time it happens. Just like we have a right to be upset by dishonorable soldiers torturing animals without fully explaining in the footnotes exactly what we are "trying to say".

because, danny, as we all know from past wars, soldiers are unaffected by the violence that is perpetuated by and surrounds them. genius.

Danny, take your DCB craap down the road. I never said all of our troops are psychotic, in fact, you are the only one to write that. I believe I paid them a compliment. I did criticize the leadership that put them there. The same leadership that is cutting their benifits and in some cases, asking for their signing bonuses back if they are wounded and can't complete their tour of duty....all Bush initiatives!!!!

OH...so Bush DID make this guy kill the puppy then.

What I'm starting to find really funny about this whole "debate" is that I never said if I was pro-Bush or anti-Bush or pro-war or anti-war.

You kids are silly.

wow. just....wow.

Oh...way to go c-freak. They picked up the scent of this post on the DCB and they mentioned me by name. I may end up as the new Claire over on the Duluth discussion board of fascism and lunacy.

Wait a second...that dog suffered a far more humane death than the vast majority of the meat consumed in this country. It is disgusting, vile and downright cruel to see an animal killed in such a manner. But I'm guessing that most of the people on here eat meat. Frankly, I don't think you have any right to criticize the guy guy who commits such an act under the duress of war when you're paying someone else to abuse animals for their entire life only be be slaughtered and eventually end up on your dinner plate.

mmmmmm bacon

@ndy attempts to introduce the state of the meat industry as a way to claim that the outrage over the dog incident is misdirected somehow. Its true that many people willingly scarf down meat thats produced under hideous circumstances.

While ornery vegetarians have a special soapbox all their own, it doesn't change the fact that many meateaters do care about the conditions in which the meat they eat was produced.

Cruelty to animals is a crime; rarely enforced maybe but a crime nontheless. The USDA may think its hilarious to serve downer cow beef to kindergarteners but to me its just a reflection of failed conservative policy and deregulation.

I imagine there are hunters out there who would also think it's a false comparison. Some people hunt squirrels with bazookas because they think its funny but a lot of folks love to stalk a deer, kill it, process it and eat venison jerky all winter long. Thats not cruel anymore than a boa constrictor eating your cat is cruel- its whats for dinner.

So I simply disagree with @ndy-it is legitimate to view the soldier who killed the dog with contempt.
Killing just to kill is wack. However, the bratwurst I had earlier was delicious.

Choosing to eat meat is not in and of itself an endorsement for animal cruelty.

If it were up to me, all animals who were to be slaughtered would be given beer until they roll over and put their defenseless bellies up in the air.

Soldier throws puppy off cliff=discussion of vegetarianism.

Thank you PDD. Thank you.

danny, that's where it's appeared to have meandered to, yes...we're not so single minded as your buddies across the fence...perhaps to a couple of people it's a logical progression.

i don't see it personally...but hey...if that's whet they think, live and let live. I can't be in the right all the time...which, in the social realm, is another concept your buddies across the fence can't seem to grasp.

Who in the hell are my buddies across the fence?

uh, your boyfriend Ben and the rest of the cretins at the CitizinsBog.

Yes, I am a Boy and we are friends. After I Wiki "cretins" I will respond some more.

Ben! So, you've left your security blanket behind and decided to come play with the ...oh what was it you referred to us as...

Trust Fund Kids? that was one.

Or even better: "limp wristed bastian of ignorance site."
or even...

"simple minded, ignorant people, not only in this city, but in the country"

better yet...
"a bunch of kids who have never really ventured far from mom and dads house anyway."

and here I thought you to be a little too good to be associated with the likes of a group like us without your post editing babysitters.

you've got bigger grapes than I thought.


nah, danny...I just wanted him to put his money where his mouth was and step outside his comfort zone a minute. despite his opinion, i do kinda hafta respect the guy for doing just that.

take you for instance, you're annoying as fuck, but I respect you because you have the chutzpah to at least attempt to participate in discussion, and I do believe that despite our left/right/whatthefuckever differences, we might be able to learn something from each other.

Ben at this point, to me, sees things too much in black and white, and the white being right and the right being him, with no middle ground and no compromise with people like me...but that could just be the stigma of the CitizinsBog, too...that remains to be seen.

His opinions are just that..albeit heavily misinformed...i know of no trust fund kids here...and most of us left home a lifetime ago. I almost hope that he learns a little during his foray here...though I'm not betting on it.

He should bear in mind however that he's in our house now, and there aren't any moderators covering his back...and there are indeed more of us than there are of him.

Ok dokey zra. Gotcha.

One thing though...the DCB hasnt exactly been all open arms for me and DDD, either. There have been plenty of "Danny detractors" over there and even a certain someone who has repeatedly "invited" me down to The Reef to "discuss my opinions" with him and his union buddies.

Now...back to the topic at hand: "George W. Bush forces soldiers to eat meat, kill puppies, and run over bike-riders in their big, gas-guzzling SUV's"

Duluth is united in dislike for you Danny. Your sheer awfulness has brought our community together.

The Candidate: I made no claim of misdirected outrage. In fact I think the outrage is quite appropriately directed. I was making a comment on hypocrisy.

Also, I'm not ornery. My guess is that you don't even know who I am nor do you have the ability to detect orneriness with any accuracy after reading a 96 word blog comment.

Your absolutely correct with regard to hunting. However, the animals killed by hunters comprise a fraction of 1% of the meat consumed in this country. I went hunting as a kid, many of my family members hunt and though I strongly disagree with killing animals I can appreciate the vast difference between raising an animal to be slaughtered and hunting.

We can agree to disagree as to whether killing an animal is in itself cruel, but that doesn't change the fact that the overwhelming majority of the meat consumed comes from animals that have been subjected to cruelty you can scarcely imagine.

Contrary to what you and Danny apparently perceived in reading my comment, I wasn't intending to extol the virtues of vegetarianism. Rather I was commenting on the hypocritical nature of those who who attack a soldier for killing an animal when they themselves pay others to kill animals.

Well @ndy I didn't mean to bust your chops or be a big drag. It sounded to me like you were tarring all meateaters with hypocrisy for being aghast at what this soldier did. Its the furthest thing from treating an animal with respect.My point is that eating meat is a fact of human life and therefore the question is whether or not it is possible to humanely kill an animal. I think it is possible to do but pretty rare and so yes we are hypocrites. I can't vouch for how my bratwursts were made. But meat for food is different than just killing for the fuck of it.

Our soldiers are doing much worse than whats shown in those videos and getting away with it. Theres plenty of people in line for a court martial before that guy.

'Fuck pointless brutality' I thought was the spirit of the thread.

I still hate Danny.

let me see if I know where this post is going hhhhmmmmm oh I know, the same comment I made some 30 odd comments ago

I hate you Danny

Boy it feels good to say that
Thank you PDD, Thank you

There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'
You gotta keep it beatin'
For all the hoppin' cretins
Cretin! Cretin!
I'm gonna go for a whirl with my cretin girl
My feet won't stop
Doin' the Cretin Hop
Cretin! Cretin!
Cretins wanna hop some more
All good cretins go to heaven

Thats all I got.

How hard would it be for you guys to call the DDD voicemail line and express your hatred?


'How hard would it be for you guys to call the DDD voicemail line and express your hatred?'

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the most pathetic words ever written by the hand of man.

The Candidate...I love you.

OK so it's not good to hate somebody, and I'm pretty sure it's giving me a braincloud. So I don't hate you dear Danny.
I'll just stop reading your comments.

See if you can follow this equation
Reading Danny's comments lead to heart beating faster lead to me commenting hate toward you lead to braincloud.

I'm not going to contribute to that equation!

Danny, I love me too. You on the other hand are the worst kind of bottomfeeder. Relentlessly promoting your shitty website in the comments of multiple threads? Begging people to call your 'I hate Danny' line?

Why would anyone want to feed your enterprise when it will clearly dry up and blow away if ignored? You know the saying about 'there's no such thing as bad publicity'? It's not true.

I will never listen to your podcasts and although I could provide you with pure soundbite gold on your hate line, I won't be calling.

You are universally reviled not because your hard hitting journalism and infotainment takes no prisoners on the left or the right but because you are a boob.

Amazingly, some of your comments almost appear to solicit sympathy. Perhaps if you attempted suicide it would show your human side.

In conclusion, you suck.

"Danny, I love me too."


You can do better than that, Danny.

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