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Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008



ahhh...PDD is your monolith

Right now Clarke is probably saying to Stanley Kubrick in the afterlife, "NOW can you tell me what '2001: A Space Odyssey' was all about?"

And Kubrick will put aside his harp and reply, "It was about a giant baby floating in the cosmos. Don't you remember?"

All the little boys in Sri Lanka are sleeping easier without this pedophile around.

No bogus rumors, please. That was a claim printed then retracted by a sleazy British tabloid.

No rumor, I have a Dutch friend who worked in Sri Lanka and knew him. She visited his house and saw his little boys around. She said it was "creepy".

It could be true. But anyone with kids around the house, watch out.
I got a redneck friend who worked in Ohio and knew the lady that put the poodle in the microwave.

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