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30 minutes of AMAZING!!!


So it is pretty much agreed upon that the Anchor is awesome and can rarely be contended with. Well, I have to hand it to the Brewhouse as a worthy adversary. Some friends and I were in for lunch the other day and I had a jalepeno burger I am still tasting. This thing was insanely spicy. It took two mugs of their tap root beer and a coke to subside the burning. Way to go Brewhouse!! It took me 30 minutes to finish it and it was amazing.


10 years + of amazing beer.

Although not much can beat the Anchor's Olive Burger...

I really enjoy the Brewhouse food.

I generally get the California burger - pretty simplistic, but yummy!

Ezra usually gets the Beau or the Bleu - both equally yummy!

The garlic hummus wrap is really great, if you're looking for something that is non-meat.

And of course, if you need it, the Big Boat Oatmeal Stout Chocolate Cake - only order if you're in dire need of chocolate or on a date - it's huge! And yummy!

In fact, it's become a family tradition (of sorts) to take the new baby there for the first family meal upon release from the hospital. Both Hazel and Walter were there when they were only two days old!

Hazel was the first baby to sit on the new bar and for a while Brewhouse Root Beer was her favorite drink!

Brewhouse: it's a family thing! lol... :)

To each his own, but I've never understood the lovefest for the Anchor burgers. They're ok, but that's it. And remember, if it tastes great, it's probably bad for you.

See this is where you went wrong - you're supposed to wash down the jalapeno burger with the Wildfire Lager, not the rootbeer.

Brewhouse is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I go once a week for a beer. And when I eat there I have very rarely ever gotten anything other than the wild rice burger.

Mmmmm...it just so happens that tonite is Brewhouse Nite for me. Love Thursdays!

Brewhouse fries are THE best! Although I'm not vegetarian, the Wild Rice Burger is amazing. All of that is fine but add the excellent beer and...well, the Anchor is not even close.

I have a hard time drinking alchohol in the afternoon, just never been able to do it. Brewhouse Beer just tastes better on cold winter nights and hot summer days'. Hope to see you all there!!!

Gronk's in Superior

Just thinking about sitting outside the Brewhouse with a beer (or two or three) and a couple friends on a warm July nite during twilight makes me itch like crazy for summer. DAMN YOU DULUTH WINTER!

devoted vegetarian and devoted wild rice burger fan! oh, and a big fan of the brews too!

Gronk's is good, but Big Daddy's is definitely the best ... though I do love the DAC Deli burgers too.

i've been wanting to try gronk's. after reading Lundgren's article in Lake Superior magazine, kinda started to wet my whistle a bit for a good burger.

cus i'm all about a good burger.

Buffalo House...THEY have a good burger.

Brewhouse Wild Rice burger FTW.

Much of the lovefest for the Anchor burger comes from its $3 (or less) price tag. Let's see Fitger's beat that!

if it weren't for the fact that the Anchor was in Superior...

Not too fond of Superior, unless I'm looking at it in the rearview mirror on the way to Eau Claire.

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