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March 31, 2008

Banana seat you sissy bar


Nominate Duluth

For Review



In preparation for Geek Prom I thought it would be instructive to review 101 ways to pwn a noob. This will be both instructive for a) the noob who is about to be pwned even though, as said noob, there is no way around being pwned, but at least you have some idea of what you have coming, and b) the uber pwner who, in his or her glorious rush to pwn said noob, may have forgotten certain options for said pwnage.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

[Thanks Ironic Gamer!]

March 30, 2008

Geek Prom - WiFi Ready?

wifi logo.gifSo I've emailed the prom organizers and have received no response, so I'll just ask it here. Is Geek Prom going to have wifi? I'm hoping to blog it.

Just askin'!

Good to know... good to know...

And because this is so damn funny:

Critical Mass

I was very moved by Friday's critical mass bicycle event. Thank you to all the organizers.

I did not count, but I would imagine there were about 70 people in attendance.

We rode bikes as a pack and clogged up westbound Superior St from Leif Erickson to 3rd west. We then climbed to 2nd St. and headed East where we completely blocked all 3 lanes of 2nd St. This is when the police arrived. 2-3 cars took up a position behind our pack and asked us to move to only one lane. Some obeyed, others continued to spread across the street. When the police's demands became more pressing, the group obliged the order and took up just the left lane.

We continued like this and just one squad car nicely escorted us as we rode towards Canal Park.

I feel very conflicted and excited about the future of this event. With some research, I have found I am not the only one who feels this conflict.

Some feel critical mass events should not inform local authorities or have a designated route. Traffic laws should be disobeyed and there is a general protest-like feel. Bikes retake the streets for a time.

Others have formed "Critical Manners" rides where traffic laws are obeyed.

At any rate, the event meets each last Friday of the month, 530 at Leif Erickson (rose garden area). See you there!

March 29, 2008

Dear Dick Palmer

At the end of your Budgeteer column this week you told a joke about a Scandinavian man falling out of a movie theater balcony. I would like you to know that that joke was outdated before I was even born. Movie theater balconies stopped being commonplace about 40 years ago.

Please adjust your ethnic humor to fit the current century.

Thank you.

Kids these days!


I was walking my dog this morning and came across two beer bottles in someone's front lawn on Kent Rd. At first I assumed they were a couple of empties, which I don't mind picking up, but then noticed they had caps on. I kicked one and it was full! What's wrong with people that they can waste perfectly good premium beer like that? If I were ten years younger I would definitely drink them. They are pretty crusty with road salt and that makes me a little nervous. Another thing you should know is that today is my birthday. My wife says that it's a sign. If I were cleverer with this whole internet stuff I would post a survey but I need to know; are these beers drinkable?

Lockhorns Aloud

15232026.jpegMinneapolis Improv Artist Jill Bernard reads the Lockhorns aloud for you every weekday.

Thanks to Fuzzy for pointing me to this.

March 28, 2008

Old person @ Subway on Grand Ave.

I was at the Subway on Grand Ave behind a old person when he was ordering a sub. It was the most drawn-out process ever, here is the dialog.

Old Person - "I want a foot long subway sandwich"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of bread?"
Old Person - "Oh... let me see here, what kind do you have?"
Subway Employee #1 - *points to sign and reads off the different typs of breads*
Old Person - "Oh ok... I will go with a foot long wheat then"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of sub do you want this to be?"
Old Person - "Wow, there are too many choices, what kind of subs do you have?"
Subway Employee #1 - "All of them are listed above, or else you can make your own"
Old Person - "I will have to think about this."
*1:47 passed, yes I timed it"
Old Person - "Ok, I figured it out, I will have a roast beef sub"
Subway Employee #1 - "What kind of cheese would you like on your roast beef?"
Old Person - "What kind of cheeses are there?"
Subway Employee #1 - *points to sign and reads the type of cheese*
Old Person - "Oh ok, I will go with the white cheese"
Subway Employee #1 - "Do you want this sub toasted?"
Old Person - "Toasted?"
Subway Employee - "Yes, in the toaster oven"
Old Person - "No, I don't want that"
Subway Employee #2 - "Would you like the works on this roast beef today?"
Old Person - "The works? No, I just want my sub"
Subway Employee #2 - "Ok, do you want anything on your sub?"
Old Person - "Yes"
Subway Employee #2 - "What would you want on it?"
Old Person - "What can you put on it?"
Subway Employee #2 - *points to sign and lists ingredients*
Old Person - "Oh... just lettuce would be fine"
Subway Employee #3 - "Would you like to make this a meal?"
Old Person - "Isn't it a meal already?"
Subway Employee #3 - "I meant did you want chips or soda with this?"
Old Person - "Don't you have coffee?"
Subway Employee #3 - "no"
Old Person - "Then never mind, I will have just the sandwich"

It was simply amazing that someone could be so confused about Subway.

fear of girls

with geek prom coming up and the death of gygax i though it would be a good idea to present this. it may have been on here before, but it's always good for a laugh.

here's the second part.

Last night I ran into Scott who plays Raymond Ractburger and he assures me that a third part is on its way and someone may even achieve God status.

March 27, 2008

Head's up...


Just so you're not kicking yourself in the arse later, Kraftwerk is coming to Minnesota for the first time in 33 years. Myth/Maplewood/April 19th. Have fun, kids!

March 26, 2008

Lookin' for a Room? (HELP!)

I need everyone's help here. My friend and I will be renting a 3 bedroom house starting June 1st. The problem is we need to fill the third bedroom. If you know anyone that is looking for a year lease starting June 1st PLEASE let me know. We are two young professionals (25/26 yrs old) one female & one male. Click to read details about location...

1.5 bath, large kitchen, laundry, 1 car heated garage
$340+utils. 4 blocks from Burrito Union/Chester Creek, 3 blocks from Farmers market, walking distance (~ 4-5 blocks) to SuperOne and Rose Garden/Lakewalk. Near multiple bus routes.

T h e y ' r e B a c k

attack of the seagull

The Great Minnesota Flying Rats have returned!

OR am I just hearing things?

Freezepop | 3-31 | UMD | Free


March 25, 2008

Bizarre Minnesota


For what it is worth, Chef Andrew Zimmern, host of a very odd but sometimes entertaining TV/Cable program called Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, will be doing an entire show dedicated to the freaks and their silverware from the fine state of Minnesota. Previous episodes have had him in Vietnam and Taiwan. Minnesota isn't that far from the epicurean palate, no?

The story line is simple, drop off a fearless eating machine someplace on the planet and he will eat anything. The grosser the food, the better the ratings is my guess. Never eaten Spider Ass fried in oil but hey, I may sometime soon.

His TV schedule and global locations

Mar. 25 10:00PM
(60 minutes)
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Join Andrew on a culinary tour through the place he calls home - Minnesota. From deep-fried bar fare to sophisticated cuisine, you'll see why this northern-most state is far from ordinary.

Geek Girls Go!


I've always loved the story of Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace. Recently, a portrait of her was purchased at auction. It's a great way to encourage the students at HCIS that tech can be fun no matter what gender(s) you are. If you're the parent of a middle school kid, share with them the real faces of tech and they'll be forever hooked. Right now, the Math/Science/Tech educators at HCIS are talking alot about why students come to us claiming " I just dont get math" or "I'm NOT a chemistry person". My 3.5 year old cant stop asking about how things work...where's the disconnect? Please comment about when and why you decided , "I just dont DO math..." or what was it that helped you persevere through our culture's math/science stigma.






March 24, 2008

Thursday March 27th

Concert Poster for PDD copy.jpg

These guys would rock Geek Prom

Yeah, sure, they're big HBO celebrities now, but I bet we could have got them cheap in 2004. So let's fire up the Wayback Machine and change history! Then we'll be able to say now that we knew them when.

This is a new post

with a picture of a cute puppy.

bender 9-15-2007 small.jpg

DDD - Episode 25 ExtravaDANza!!!


March 23, 2008

Semblesque Comes Out of the Closet

Semblesque Performance Company is looking for 30 bodies/still models/dancers/actors/performers to participate in a One Evening Performance, possible May 9 or 10, or 16 or 17. Need lotsa women and a few good men.

Express interest & availability/get more info at [email protected] or call 349-9800 between hours of 6-7pm.

Sign up alone or with a group of friends! Very Minimal up front time investment necessary.

Why? Because we've heard you say you've wanted to be part of "one of those Semblesque shows!" Jill Ellen Hall has written her 4th original silent dance theatre multi-media script, but is having trouble securing funding to produce the show. This event will be a fundraiser for Semblesque Performance Company. The costume collection of the past productions will be coming Out of the Closet for a Parade of Characters and an Improvisational Performance to Remember.

Deadline for casting April 4, 2008. Sign up today!

Jill sent this to me and asked me to post it to PDD. - Ironic1

What are you wearing to Geek Prom?

Camp play.jpg

Future Scrabble Champion


Did my 3-yr-old just write fuckwad?


Seeing I haven't posted anything on my favorite topic for a while this was interesting. denverpost.com Lip Service to Renewable Energy

celeb meeting

I played music with George Gerdes of Iron Will at the old Open concepts gallery, also was Charlize Theron 's pool partner at the rap party for North country. Gave Bonnie Raitt a glass of water when I was on site crew at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

March 22, 2008

Another Show tonight...

the SuperTacks are playing at the Thirsty Pagan Brewery tonight! Show starts around 10:30.

March 21, 2008

show tomorrow night.


come for the hot dogs. stay for the wieners.

A few lines composed on the way to the MSP airport at 4:30am V.2


There once was a girl from Milaca
Who had a gigantic cloaca
She dated a man
Hung like a beer can
Who's randy and wants to attack ya.

(apologies to Slim Goodbuzz's Perverse Verse)

For victims of the Missouri flood:

All you’ve gathered gone.
All you’ve worked for
reduced to (maybe) an insurance check.
Photographic memories non-renewable.
Everything dirty, soggy – a breeding ground for mold,
fit only for a heat-producing, carbon-reducing bonfire.
Did you have a chance to save anything?
There’s always low prices at Wal-Mart,
but even they can't replace your Grandpa's old guitar...

An Appeal to Vote

I was requested to post this by Fred Smith and I'm quoting his email verbatim. I don't usually do this, but I made an exception in this case. - Ironic1


Wisconsin residents, get out and vote April 1! The balance of the state Supreme Court is at stake with a ten-year term up for grabs, and the race is as polarizing as the presidential elections. It's also got eerie parallels to John Grisham's latest novel. It seems to be part of of nationwide strategy to gain control of state supreme courts.


March 20, 2008


trust no one

Trailer viewed at WorldCon

For BadCat and Renaissance Fair Folk

I came upon this list of foods unknown or unused in Europe in the Middle Ages and thought it was worth sharing. A good checklist for the fastidiously correct or those who just like to be annoying at Renaissance Fairs.
  • Allspice
  • Artichokes
  • Bananas
  • Broccoli
  • Chili Peppers
  • Chocolate
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Cranberries
  • Green Beans
  • Green Peppers
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Indian Corn
  • Kiwi
  • Margarine
  • Peanuts
  • Pineapple
  • Potatoes
  • Red Peppers
  • Rhubarb
  • Shortening
  • Tea
  • Turkey
  • Tomatoes
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Yams
  • Yellow Peppers

March 18, 2008

5 Years Too Many


Potluck and Silent Auction items may be dropped off at the YWCA before the march on Friday, between 4:30 and 5:15 PM.

Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008


comin' to town



March 17, 2008

A Friendly Reminder

Since we were discussing this earlier, I thought it appropriate.

These guy's are awesome!!!

Walter and me.





Greg Mortenson to speak at UMD

Three Cups of tea.jpg

Couldn't get a ticket for the Duluth Public Library's event?

If you would like to hear Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea speak while in Duluth, this may be your only chance!

Alworth Institute for International Studies Special Event
Presented by Author Greg Mortenson
Montague 80 Lecture Hall
University of Minnesota Duluth
Wednesday, March 19 2008 - 2-4 p.m.
Free and open to the public
Reception following lecture

*Please email [email protected] if you have a group of 10 or more attending this event.*

In 1993, a young American mountain climber named Greg Mortenson stumbled into a tiny village high in Pakistan's beautiful and desperately poor Karakoram Himalaya region. Sick, exhausted, and depressed after failing to scale the summit of K2, Mortenson regained his strength and his will to live thanks to the generosity of the people of the village of Korphe. Before he left, Mortenson made a vow that would profoundly change both the villagers' lives and his own-he would return and build them a school.

March 16, 2008

St Paddy's Day Firkin at Hell's Kitchen


One Firkin of Shane's Celtic Ale, from Lake Superior Brewing, will be available at Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park tomorrow from 4p.m. on. This is a strong Scotish Style ale. Pints will be $3 and corned beef ruebens will also be available. Pogues on the ipod.

Kindly Define "Man Room"


I've been looking for a home in Duluth and came upon this lovely Lakewood listing on Craig's List: http://duluth.craigslist.org/rfs/605502262.html (The picture I posted is only of the garage & other room.)

It sounds great - and even features a "Man Room." I'm asking the assembled to define "Man Room" for the newbie. And what does a man do in a room of his own?

My mental image is a semi-finished space with a mini-fridge, a wall of dubious VHS tapes, a leather-esque Lazy Boy and ...a towel. Please help me erase this image with the right one. Is it like a workshop?

March 15, 2008

Wednesday Morning

DSCN0450 - Copy.JPG

There was a great sunrise around 6:45a.m. on Wednesday morning. This is the first chance I have had to post this, I hope you guy's saw it as well.

Chester Bowl - Big Chester

Please don't go up there to take photos. It requires a sketchy move around the "no-go" gate. Great view from there, though!

show this saturday


Park Point is for voters.

I had two wonderful entries for the Park Point is for lovers design contest. Please vote for your favorite. The poll will close in four days.

Park Point is for lovers 1

Park Point is for lovers 2

March 14, 2008

The weekend before last:


led trucks + saturday + one night only


mat milinkovich IS john bonham! tony bennett IS robert plant and jimmy page! matt osterlund IS john paul jones! jesse hoheisel IS john paul jones and additional jimmy page!

we have been busting our ASSES for a month solid to bring this to life. but it’s one night and ONE NIGHT ONLY, so be sure to catch this circus while it’s in town!

what songs will be played? be there to find out. will trousers be stuffed? be there to find out. will the ghost of some long-dead wizard be summoned? be there to find out. will the band collapse from exhaustion during a ten-minute long jam? be there to find out.

this saturday. pizza luce. with humanoid as the who, and the supertacks as a bunch of people.

way down inside, woman, you need it.

- led trucks

Happy Pi Day!


It will be in your head the rest of the day...

March 13, 2008

This Evening

Photography by Jason Huntzinger
Art Opening 7-9pm Thursday
Pizza Luce
Music by Coyote (Marc Gartman and Jerree Small)


March 12, 2008


She went home with her mommy and kids from down the street.
I'll miss her sweet face but she's where she should be.


Rejected Star Wars Promotional Items

In the pre-Episode 1 retail frenzy, there were about a bazillion crappy Star Wars items to be found in stores. Here are the ones so bad they didn't get made: Rejected!

Tattoo advice.


I received an email from someone relatively new to Duluth today wondering about the best Tattoo parlor in town. I honestly have no idea so PDD I ask you, who is the best? There seems to be a new shop opening every month.

Saturday March 15th - Red Star - the Disco Devils!


March 11, 2008

Thou Shalt Wash Thy Hands after Ye Pisseth

Stand up, men! Be proud and pisseth erectly! And wash your hands, too.

And, while we're on the subject, what's your favorite urinal stance?

This is why, vicarious, this old post became active again.

By the way, here are the 6 instances of the phrase "pisseth against the wall" in the King James Version.

"Exchanging Spears for Books: The Maasai School Project"

women&school.png Hans&kid.png

Come hear Duluthian Hans Johnson, founder of the Maasai Cultural Foundation (and drummer of Dance Band) speak about his recent work helping the Maasai build a school where over 100 adults are learning to read and write. Music will be a part of the lecture, but it will be that of the Maasai people - not Dance Band.

"Exchanging Spears for Books: The Maasai School Project"
Presented by Hans Johnson,
Founder of the Maasai Cultural Foundation
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 - 7 p.m.
University of Minnesota Duluth
Fourth Floor Library Rotund
Free and open to the public - Reception following lecture

Hans Johnson went to Kenya when he was 21 with some recording equipment and a desire to document the music and culture of the Maasai people. Through these recordings of Maasai music, Alan Sparhawk of the band Low became interested not only in the music, but the Maasai people as well. Together they decided to work on a community project that would benefit the Maasai. Elders in the community responded positively and asked for a school building -- a permanent home for their adult literacy classes.

Hans will discuss his experiences with the Maasai -- reflecting on his recent work helping the Maasai build a school and how the current conflicts in Kenya, where he recently visited, have effected the building process and school attendance.

Busking Auditions on SATURDAY


Park Point is for Lovers


New contest. Design a shirt in one color with the words "Park Point is for Lovers" somewhere on the shirt. Art can be hand drawn or made on one of those fancy computer boxes. Winner will get an assortment of T-shirts with their art and the love of all Duluthians. Deadline is Friday so don't delay.

Any questions drop me a line.

Banner Drive!


I love the rotating PDD banners. We all love the rotating PDD banners. But a few of us had a discussion last week and came to the conclusion that it's time for some freshening up around here. So here's what we're gonna do:

1) Make new banners! Get out there and click, scan, whatever. These photos must be your originals and they must be locally relevant. They can be old or new, as long as they haven't been banners before.

2) Upload your banners to the new directory, /headers08/. (Same old technique - if you've done it before, you can do it again.)

3) When we get a good number of new banners in the new directory, we'll switch over to all-new banners. I'll keep the old directory intact, and sometime in the future after we've all forgotten the old banners, we can switch back for nostalgia's sake.

March 10, 2008

Orpheum Nightclub - Upcoming....


The next few weeks or so...


And if we can't, well, there's always...

Can't we all just, like, get along?

Star Wars IV

I am fully aware that this has nothing to do with Duluth.

Here's the response...

March 09, 2008


In response to the Kandiss Crone post, I give you:

I Heard That.

World Champions

The USA Men's team (Chris Plys, Aanders Brorson, Mathew Peruskek and Mathew Hamilton, plus Daniel Plys as alternate and Phil Drobnick as coach) just beat Sweden in the championship game at the 2008 World Junior Curling Championships in Ostersund, Sweden. These guys all curl out of Duluth. Congratulations on the great performance!

March 08, 2008




This is a reminder to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight.

This is also a wake up call that daylight savings time actually wastes energy instead of conserving it, as we've been led to believe.

From the Photo Archive | Spring 1987


The first professional wrestler I ever met was Gary “Lurch” Lindgren. He was known as the Blaster back then. His gimmick was based on a character from the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

He wrestled for the American Wrestling Association, which doesn’t exist any more. He was best known for knocking over the background wall on the Saturday morning TV-show All-Star Wrestling to surprise the announcer, Larry Nelson.

The Blaster was also known for a commercial he did for the Locker Room Bar in Superior. It’s called the Third Base Bar now. I remember from the commercial that the Locker Room served “Kirby Burgers,” and the Blaster could eat a dozen of them.

I noticed him in the audience of a World Wrestling Entertainment event. It was known as the World Wrestling Federation back then. Gary didn’t wrestle for the WWF, so he was in street clothes, leaving his “Blaster” attire at home.

When he wrestled, “The Blaster” wore black tights and had a black leather sheath that covered his entire right arm, all the way to the shoulder. When I met him he wore a polo shirt, baseball cap and gray pants.

My friends and I had pretty good seats on the main floor of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center that day. It was called the Duluth Arena back then. We asked the Blaster if he would pose with us for a photo, and he felt obliged.

We were only 14 years old, but two of us were nearly six feet tall. All three of us would be on Duluth’s city championship football team in the fall, but we looked like utter weaklings in the presence of “The Blaster.”

It didn’t help matters that I had braces and fluffy hair, and was wearing a red, nylon Plaza Dodge jacket. And Dave, well, he just didn’t start growing until high school. My braces are now long gone, Dave has a beard, and the old Plaza Dodge is an Italian restaurant.

The Blaster’s career turned out to be short-lived. I remember hearing a rumor that he had a brain aneurysm and suffered some kind of facial paralysis. After this photo was taken, we never saw him again — on TV or in person.

2008 ain't going so great for some folks


March 07, 2008

In the Reader

In Barb Olson's column this week:

"'We support the vision of a Lakewalk for everyone,' Beacon Pointe Condos resident Judy Gordon tells the Council. 'But we don't consider it appropriate to have a Lakewalk right in front of everyone's patios.'"

(Apparently, the "everyone" she is referring to is "everyone" in Duluth who currently owns a million-dollar condo.)

Also, on page 5 is another blow-open-the-scandal article (actually, a letter) about the Red Plan. Seems Duluth Architect Robert Aho thinks Johnson Controls is trying to pull some shady, "possibly illegal" stuff with regards to bilking taxpayers. Or rather, the school board basically told him that's what they were doing. Read it and weep. Then get pissed and do something about it before it's too late.

Open House - Sunday 2-4

21 E 5th 009 (Small).jpg

21 E 5th St.
Fantastic new construction with superb view of lake superior! Women In Construction built with energy efficiency in mind (meets mn power tier ii requirements). Amenities include: maple kitchen, deck, apartment in lower level (lr, dr, kit, br, bath), fiber cement siding, garage & osp in rear of lot, appliances (stove, fridge, dw). Live in the owners unit and have someone help pay your mortgage. This quality built home offers so much - see for yourself on Sunday.

Click Here

This space purposefully left blank


March 06, 2008

30 minutes of AMAZING!!!


So it is pretty much agreed upon that the Anchor is awesome and can rarely be contended with. Well, I have to hand it to the Brewhouse as a worthy adversary. Some friends and I were in for lunch the other day and I had a jalepeno burger I am still tasting. This thing was insanely spicy. It took two mugs of their tap root beer and a coke to subside the burning. Way to go Brewhouse!! It took me 30 minutes to finish it and it was amazing.

Warning about USAN building parking

It seems there is a new owner of the USAN Building, and if you park in the parking lot, even to check out a tux at Arthur's next door, you have a good chance of getting towed. Even if you work in the building with all the proper passes, you could get towed. One person was working over the weekend and came out to find her van gone with her dogs in it. One person was terrorized by this guy watching her and almost running her over with his car. You will recognize him as a fat white guy in his late 30s, button shirt and slacks with prominent bluetooth earpiece with a new dark teal Camry respectable, middle-aged man overseeing the towing process.

March 05, 2008

Orpheum - Duluth - this weekend


This weekend....

Eco Home Open House

The Eco Home built by Women in Construction is hosting another open house this Sunday, March 8th from 12-4 pm. The home was designed to promote sustainable living and energy efficiency through the use of environmentally-friendly materials and products. There is also a lot of other literature about sustainable living and what you can do to reduce energy consumption. Take Superior St. to 52nd Ave East, go up till you get to the dead end, take a right onto Broadwing Drive, take a right onto Snowy Owl Circle, follow to 2809. There will also be an open house for the Coho Cottage built by Women in Construction. The address is 2830 Snowy Owl Circle.To learn more and see pictures visit http://www.womenworking.org

Oh, the Horror!

So, I've been an unabashed fan/lover/reader of Dan Savage's Savage Love since way back when his readers used to address him as "Hey Faggot," and he had a day job pulling shots at Cafe Paradisio...

ANYwhooo...back last month for his Valentine week column, he ran a letter concerning sex toys, and the proper etiquette of the proper disposal of such. Within his reply he made a suggestion that any and all old toys could be mailed to a Kandiss Crone, an "investigative" reporter from Jackson MS, who recently staged a raid on an adult book/video/toy store because, apparently Mississippi is one of a few sex-phobic states that has completely outlawed the sale of "three dimensional devices" intended for sexual gratification. The store had been busted a couple of times prior to Ms. Kandiss' story by the JPD, but to her shock and awe, the store had not ceased its immoral retail activity.

Apparently, Ms. Crone went incognito to the adult store, purchased a purple vibe, and then returned later with a camera crew to confront the store's employees. She even went as far as to try to solicit further involvement of the Jackson, MS police department, but they weren't interested. She was rebuffed with a statement from them saying that the citizens of Jackson would prefer the police be involved with rounding up criminals, drug addicts and prostitutes, and that pursuing a criminal investigation on an adult bookstore for selling sex toys wasn't very high on their list.

I wonder whatever became of the purple vibrator.

March 04, 2008

Keith Richards is......WHAT ?!?!?!?!?!


Apparantly...the folks at Louis Viutton(sp), think Keith Richards is the prime candidate to be the new "face" of the company.......we will see how that one goes.


If dogs run free

Another dog with a fluffy butt on youtube:

Dear Duluth.

This is a bicycle

This is a stop sign. (note the lack of little 4-way sign under it)

When you stop at a stop sign (or just roll through), please do me a favor and take an extra second to look for bikes, some of us still ride in the winter. That is all.


Ian K.

Ice Road Adventures

every sour note ... needs a happy one

Sorry, but when I think of bad things happening to animals I have wash my brain with fluffy puppy butts. Yes I said fluffy puppy butts. Enjoy

Know one thing... I am not afraid.

Gary Gygax
July 27, 1938 - March 4, 2008


warning! not for the faint of heart.
our tax dollars at work

Tangier 57 Colors for this friday


As promised, here is the Tangier 57 color pallette for our upcoming gig this Friday at Camody Irish Pub.
Joining us will be the Hog Damage Collective's own Greg Cougar "Conley" with friends and local phenomes Haus Meeting. We're celebrating the birth of the first of three digital master pieces, this one entitled Tangier 57: Last Night Never Happened.

GCC starts at 9:30.
Thanks for your attention to this important message, please resume normal internet activities

March 03, 2008

Take Back the Night Fundraiser

Concert Poster for PDD copy.jpg

Surviving the Zombiepocolypse

King Zombie SlayerI thought that I had my survival kit all figured out for the day that the dead rise and attack, but tonight I had a revelation on the subject. Until now I figured the smallest caliber pistol that can penetrate a human skull, with a katana as a back up for when the bullets run out would be an ideal anti-zombie arsenal. Then I realized something. In pretty much every role playing game worth a damn, some sort of attack bonus is granted against the undead when using a blunt weapon. There has to be a good reason behind that. So, forget the swords, and get yourself a nice mace. They're smaller, more agile, and don't lose their edge. If they were good enough to pound through plate mail 700 years ago, they'll be good enough to pound through a zombie's skull in the upcoming years.

This is my loving tip to you to help survive the impending invasion.

Big boys jumping in

Press release feb. 26, 2008, 09:40 a/m.

Shell oil developing 4 billion dollar wind farm in Texas panhandle. Not to be outdone Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens announced hie own wind project in the same area , a 10 billion dollar project. Pickens made his money on betting early on promising new energy sources.
Our federal government is going to spend 100 billion dollar deal outsourcing the building of flying gas tanks to the french. Meanwhile locally the Decc hocky rink and the gambling sports train move forward at an estimated cost of 500 million dollars. Change you got to love.

Sober, Bitter, Buff, & Forty Plus...but still kicking ass...

In case anyone hasnt gotten this yet:


March 02, 2008

Who the F is Todd Slauson?!?

(image captured from the movie "Garden State")

I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

UMD Area Rental Moratorium

In an attempt to fix a bad idea that went horribly wrong, Council President Roger Reinert is going to present an even stupider idea to make no houses within a certain distance of UMD & CSS rental properties.

Ready, Set....argue!


Adam , Did you get my message?

Francis X. Shea Memorial Lectureship presents ...


Mary Oliver
Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning poet
Monday, March 31 | 7 p.m.
Mitchell Auditorium, College of St. Scholastica

Mary Oliver has published more than 20 books of poetry, including American Primitive, for which she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and New and Selected Poems, for which she received the National Book Award for Poetry. She has taught at Case Western Reserve, Bucknell, Sweet Briar College, University of Cincinnati, and Bennington College.

March 01, 2008



nuf' said.

Amnicon Falls Covered Bridge


A visit to Amnicon Falls is worth the short drive from Duluth-Superior. Although the river and the falls are still pretty much invisible beneath snow and ice, the covered bridge isn't. Three weeks 'til spring!

Drama and intrigue in the paint aisle

My sister was in town last week to see me and the house I bought a few months ago. Since she possesses the boldness, decisiveness and sense of style that I lack, we went out to pick paint colors - my first time shopping for paint in years.

I expected to see paint color names like Biscotti and Cranberry Punch. But they went way, way beyond that. Emotions, events, sensationalism... it was as if US Weekly had set up shop in the paint store.

As I went through shades of red and tan, I started to piece together the chronology of a story using only paint color names. Here's what I came up with:

Dreamin' Romance
Touch of Cupid
Suspicious Love
Love You Lots
It's a Girl
Pink Fantasies
Happy Trails

Oh, and there also was a paint color named "Global Warming." Who knew?