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Using Corgis for World Domination

feb92008 010.jpg

Our Corgi is looking to find other Corgis in Duluth for a regular play date at the Duluth Dog Park out near the zoo. We happened to run into a Corgi there once and it was hilarious. They had a lot of fun and it would be great to get even more Corgis.

Perhaps we could one day organize an all Corgi team and enter the John Beargrease?


My wife and I have often dreamed of an all corgi sled team. I have a feeling it wouldn't go well.

Here are some pics of Mayu:


The Zoo is on the other side of the world for us, so we'll just have to imagine a heard of corgis walking with us next time we go out.

We actually live in Lakeside but we go over to the park once a week.

The least you could do is teach him to knit. Pop him on the futon, he can warm my lap while he learns.

Well, let's see if we get anymore takers.

Where's the dog park located? Is it fenced so dogs can run free?

The dog park is right off the highway when you exit to get off at Grand Ave. I believe it is 62nd Ave W. If you're coming from the north, just exit at Grand, turn right at the first street and you will see the small parking lot.

It is an off leash dog park and even though it isn't huge, it serves its purpose.

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