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Support our Troop.


Occasionally at work, we get customers who purchase coffee for forward deployed servicemembers over in Iraq or Afghanistan...as a vet, I can say that good coffee from anywhere is a more than welcome sight when you haven't seen home in a few months.

Anyhow, I'm pretty good at reading and interpreting military addresses, and when we got an order to fill for a Warrant Officer attached to a helicopter squadron stationed in Iraq, I seized the opportunity and slipped a couple of our vinyl window cling logos with "Thank You" written on the back into the box before it was sealed up and sent off to the post office.

This morning, we got an email with a picture showing the WO posing in his flight gear leaning against his H-60F (I think...I'd have to get a look at the fuselage to know for sure) and our Alakef logo in one of the bubble windows of his chopper.


That kinda made my day.

If I can get the photo, I'll post it.


how does one pronounce "Alakef" anyway?

That is really awesome.

I havent been able to convince my wife that reading things to her while I am surfing the internet counts as a "date".
Good for you!

i just read your post aloud to my date...we liked this story...very cool.





After a week in Papua, Indonesia, I would love to have some French Roast Alakef right now! Nescafe instant and bad water only goes so far. But, I'm back in Duluth on Sunday!

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