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PBS Channel 8 wants to broadcast your films

This is off the local PBS station's website.
"Duluth public television, PBS eight, is seeking films, Smart Films. We are looking for short films from professional and aspiring filmmakers for possible inclusion in a Saturday night broadcast. ... All genres of film will be accepted for review including narrative, documentary, animation and experimental."
The deadline is May 1, and I know they're still looking for stuff. There's more info here:



This better damn well not conflict with my family's semi-weekly Lawrence Welk party! If so, there will be at least one very disappointed three year old girl in Chester Park.

I think it's meant to be broadcast late at night.
My son loved Lawrence Welk when he was 2, tap dancing along with Arthur Duncan.

Hazel and I will also be upset if Lawrence Welk is moved. That is our night for the champagne and bubbles! (Champagne for me, bubbles for her!)

I also know of at least 126 nursing home residents who will riot in the streets.

WDSE, you have been warned. lol...

Nah, they know who their bread & butter are, they'd never mess with the Lawrence Welk/Antique Roadshow powerhouse on Saturday night.

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