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Mother Jones List of Music Used to Torture Detainees.



I don't remember anyone mentioning this. Comments?

I personally thought the use of a Meow Mix commercial was creative.


The journal "popular music and society" has a call for papers about Music as Torture right now.


I was sure that Nancy Sinatra was on that list.

I agree that every single one of those songs is torture.

Raspberry Beret? LOLZ

1.) I'm surprised Metal machine Music wasn't on there.

2.) I wonder if the artists can sue to force the government NOT to use their song without permission. Doesn't seem to fall under fair use to me.

The Arrowhead Auto Body jingle needs to be included in the list.

Don't just go to anybody.

I hope it's the music and not the lyrics of the song the is suppose to irritate or torture.
It is sort of pompous to think that those subject to torture speak/understand English.

This is funny!!!

Assuming that it is the music and not the lyrics used to torture.
It is rather pompous to think the tortured/detainees speak/understand English.
BTW - I apologize if this is a duplicate post. I clicked once but received an error message:(

sure enough, there it is...

sure enough, there it is...

Maybe it's just me, but I'd use Hillary Clinton singing 'Stand By Your Man'.

Pat Boone's In A Metal Mood: No More Mister Nice Guy, -- in it's entirety.

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