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Walter Allen Bennett.

02.22.08 @ 2258


Congratulations! How's Tamara doing?

Well no wonder its taken her so long to make a move in Scrabulous.

She's beautiful. Ba da bing!

Congratulations :) I have baby fever big time..I'm two months along with my third and hoping for a girl this time. Do they refuse to cut the baby's fingernails at your hospital, too? I never thought filing was all that effective. Oh, and I thought I might bring up the fact that your baby has already gone grey.



dude, where's the shimmery eyes from the ointment? all my kids newborn pics look like she's gotten into a tub of vaseline...

Babies are smooshy. I want to touch him. Tell Tamara good job gestating that little one. Walter is short for Walt.


Ni Hao!

A clever hoax. Everyone knows real babies are not that cute.

thanks all...we're all home now...Hazey and Wally, daddy and mommy...the rest of the visiting fam is back on the road and we've finally go the house to ourselves...

we did make our customary stop by the Brewhouse for a bite to eat (no food in the house, we were in the parking lot at Cub when this ordeal started so...) before heading home.

thanks for the regards and congrats...

the rest of the details I'll reserve for T...but the story is definitely an adventure.

Yah! Congratulations! I'd like stats, pls - weight, length, etc. Thanks,

Congrats! He's too cute, makes me wish I could have my baby all over again.

length: 21 inches
weight: 7lbs 10oz
hair: spiky peach fuzz
favorite noise to make: squeak!
clothing/diapers: hates them already

Ezra says the story is interesting, so I hope it's all he made it sound like it was...

After a successful day of union negotiations for SMDC, my water broke in Cub Foods' parking lot as we were heading to get groceries for the weekend. I'll spare you the gory details, but three hours after leaving SMDC, I returned to SMDC at 7pm.

Walter was born four hours later. No time for pain meds, which was definitely NOT in the plan.

The doctor barely made it into the room for the delivery; he didn't even get his mask on. In fact, once things really started happening, they didn't even have a chance to break the bed down and pull out the stirrups. He just got to catch. lol...

Tough love weighed heavily during the delivery when repeated requests for a C-section were ignored by Ezra and the nurse, especially when it was clear there were no pain meds arriving and no stopping Walter's arrival!

Walter's got ten fingers, ten toes, and a healthy appetite that won't quit.

He had his first meal out today when we celebrated the family tradition of bringing the new baby to the Brewhouse for the first meal out of the hospital!

Hazel is doing well - she has given Walter lots of kisses but mostly she is ignoring him. lol... that'll change.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and comments - look for Walter at a PDD event near you! :)



Hey congrats to all four of you!and the thought you were negotiating my contract the day he was born also calls for a thank youse

congrats! ..and what a great name :)

yay! i'm so excited for you...and he looks perfect. congratulations!

Hi Tamara,

Congratulations from your one-time board game partner! Greetings from Long Island! Sincerely,



Congratulations from your one-time board game rival! Greetings from Long Island!




A very sincere welcome from the world to your little Walter. Though I know your birth story is much more than you posted, saving the "gory details" for yourself and that it did not play out as you had hoped, I would like to offer a few words of encouragement. First, I personally believe that nature is more powerful than any medical process or intervention and that when nature prevails this point is proven. The fact that you were denied a cesarean, which is ultimately a responsible decision on behalf of your care providers, is probably a blessing in disguise. Further, the inability for pain medication (due to the hastiness of your labor) is consequentially another positive thing.

Unless you have already had a cesarean and utilized medications in a previous birth (in which case you would have your own evidence on the benefits/risks)then I challenge the modern idea that those specific interventions are even at all okay (except in high-risk situations).

Because you were not granted the cesarean, your postpartum healing process is cut in half at a minimum. Typically mothers that have undergone c-sections have at least a 3 month healing period, with great risk for incision infection and in worse case scenarios, maternal death.

Also, because your baby was not subject to the epidural drugs that do find their way into their delicate systems, his first moments of life were presumably clear and connected to you...his dear mama.

Finally, the process of natural childbirth is such an empowering experience for us mothers. One that teaches us that we can do anything and that ultimately offers the valuable lesson of surrendering to our children. Surrendering is something we do in childbirth and something that we will continue to do until our dying day. It is a beautiful thing really.

I will step off my soap box now. I hope my words are not offensive, for I mean no harm. I just wanted to take a moment to share my perspective on the positives of what sounds to be an amazing birth experience.

Once again, congratulations on your new sweet boy.

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