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Input desired.


One of my favorite father/son childhood memories is the time we spent together getting my Pinewood Derby car ready for the annual race. For those unfamiliar with the Pinewood Derby Wikipedia can bring you up to speed.

Last week while reading Threadless.com I noticed they were having an adult Pinewood Derby Race called the Threadle Manss and I knew immediately Duluth needed it's own event. So I have done some checking and I found a track for rent. I have a venue in mind and we have a hobby shop that sells cars. My question to the greater PDD community is would you participate? Also since Pinewood Derby is a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America we need a good name.

Leave your feedback in the comments and if anyone would be willing to help out a bit with organizing send me an email. I would like to have the first event this spring if at all possible.


I'm in. My kid's been wanting to do this for awhile.
"Adult Pinewood Derby..." will this be appropriate for kids?
My dad was a maybe a little too into the Pinewood derby thing. He was an auto body guy in the first part of his career, and by my cub scout years, he was a sales rep for an automotive paint company.
So my car was perfectly sanded with any imperfections in the wood or axle pieces filled with a dent-filler, primer coat and sanded again (600-grit wet/dry paper, I think), metal flake blue, with 5 or 6 gloss coats on top of that, then I think the gloss coats were buffed to a high-shine.
I (we) took 2nd place that year.
The following year, I made my own car and didn't even place in the top 10. But I went for form over function and added a non-aerodynamic Model T-looking soft top out of fabric and a straight up and down radiator in the front.

Pinewood Derby Race? Are you serious? I actually just had this conversation with my two roommates about two weeks ago. Both of them want to get something organized for this summer. The makor problem was finding a track, but it seems like you have that angle covered. I am sure that there is more interest for the derby races than you might expect.

I'm down like five flat tires! We used to have a track in storage in my parents garage until a few years ago. Damn, i knew I should have kept that.

I will help, Scott.

How about "Adult Wood Derby"?

PDDwood derby.

th bennett, bennett, bennett, and jones fam is totally down.

i sucked at this when i was a kid...i can't wait to be humiliated at this as an adult!

WE'll BE LOyal Scouts and enter a car! i obey the law of the pack.

I would call it the "Little Wood Car Race."

i'm going to make a hummer.

Zra and I are in luck - we have the inside track! Our six-year old friend River just completed his first official Scouts Pinewood Derby! I'm so hitting him up for pointers!

Do we get extra points if we can still fit into our uniform?

Would bringing an old car out of retirement be legal? I am pretty sure I still have them all in a closet somewhere.

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