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Harriers Wanted:


So, I'm going out on a limb here to try to establish a Hash Kennel here in Duluth. Hash House Harriers can only be described as a "drinking club with a running problem."

I used to hash when I was in the Navy many many moons ago, and now that I'm sort of interested in picking up the activity again (running), I find myself unable to commit to the more structured "hoity toity" type running groups.

Hashing is a ton of fun, and the more the merrier. It plays out like a follow the leader run with "hares" marking the course with a 10 minute (or so) head start, and the rest of the pack (hashers) in pursuit. There is most always beer and other libations at the completion of the run, and members of the kennel (hash group) get to have nicknames (which, by the by, is the origin of my post handle...in.dog.neato.)

ANYhow...if you're reading this, i've got your interest. I hope.

In order to establish a kennel here, I have to make a couple of trips to a "parent" kennel (i'm talking with a group in the cities.) and do a few runs and then form a group from there.

I'll be filling in on the specifical details as spring arrives...just wanted to generate interest now.

Anyone wanting info...hit me up.


That sounds really fun, but it involves... ya know... running.
If you ever decide to steal some golf carts to go out chasing, I'm so in! ;)

I'm game. Too busy to help organize, but I check this site often, so post up when you've got something together and I'll probably show.

I used to know hashers when I lived down in Ohio. Fun bunch.

This is hilarious I can't believe how funny this is

I gots yer leader: Dusty Olson.

He's already halfway across the Blatnick to the Anchor. Hasher!

mmm...perfect duluth hash house.

Dang -- if I were in Duluth, I'd be all the way in.

The best thing about hash runs is that even if you're slow, you'll stay with the group -- the leaders inevitably get off-track.

No wait -- the best part is the beer. Definitely the beer.

kinda interested, and I know some people who would almost certainly be interested. They are in better shape than I.

not sure how to contact you directly, but you can find my email on my site on the sponsorship page..

well, there is a bit of organization to be done to date...I'm just kind of getting things rolling on this end. hopefully, with a little help from a few folk, by Homegrown, Duluth will have a Kennel.

The bunny's "KKK" shirt really grabbed my attention [a more thorough examination was a little more reassuring].

I don't know how thoroughly you've checked it out or not, but I wouldn't really characterize the local running scene as hoity-toity--there are some amazing runners in this area, but the NMTC [1] group in particular is extremely low-key and very welcoming (even to total scrubs (like me). Some people in that crowd (60-70 is a pretty regular turnout) might be quite receptive to this idea, in any event.

[1] The NMTC has about 10 races in the fall and 10 in the spring, scattered at trails all over the area, $1/week. Once the 2008 schedule is set, it's usually available at the local running stores and at Northland Runner.

KKK...HHH? yeah...it was the best logo i was able to find at the time.

I was being snarky more than anything, really...

One of the things I enjoyed about hashing was the social aspect. I know most of the folk on here personally, and I thought it might be kinda fun to set this up as a group. Starfire's 5K thing a few weeks ago kinda got it started in my head. In hindsight I probably would have approached him directly about possibly morphing the run into an official kennel...could still happen, but I don't want to steal anyone's thunder.

Hey, I saw that Dusty Olson was mentioned. Does anybody have his email address? He was my ski coach for a while and I'd like to get in touch with him again. Thanks.

Hey, I saw that Dusty Olson was mentioned. Does anybody have his email address? He was my ski coach for a while and I'd like to get in touch with him again. Thanks.

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