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Fish Fry?


Does anyone know where there is a good fish fry in Duluth? I always see the sign for one on grand ave as your heading to the base of Spirit Mt. Any others?


Check out the Feb. 1, 2007 post for some great local fish fry suggestions! (Search under Restaurant Reviews).

Fridays during Lent there are fish fries at Holy Rosary School on 4th Street East.

gordy's hi hat in cloquet - open only in the summer - is the best fish fry in this place we call the northland.

TOTALLY worth the drive. thick, white walleye - the breading is not bread crumbs, rather real batter. delic. cannot wait for warm weather and gordy's!!!

There is a bar right on the way out of Fond Du Lac neighborhood in Duluth. I forgot what is was called but they have an EXCELLENT fish fry!

It's the Tappa Keg. Inauspicious looking from the outside, sure, but good fish fry, inexpensive, cheap booze too.

It's south of Superior, but Rapids Riverside does a mean fry. Mean! AYCE, baby. Though I think that may be a legal requirement up here...

For clarification, the Tappa Keg the bar near Spirit Mountain, not in Fond du Lac. It's across Grand Avenue from the zoo. The Fond du Lac neighborhood is about seven miles west of that, around 130th Ave W.

Also, the Tappa Keg doesn't have booze, just beer.

There's a bar near Fond du Lac called the Mile Long Club, but I don't know whether it has a fish fry.

Jims Fall Inn Tavern

on Kingston rd.

Not bad, all you can eat.

Here's a post from a year ago that asked the same question.

Yep, Mile Long Club is the one is Fond du Lac with the great fish fry. Thanks for the help!

I think JTs has a good fish fry.

JT's has a great fish fry -- nothin like the back woods bars, but still great. LOVE MILE LONG CLUB. Great lil' middle o'the woods bar.

Luce has excellent Knife River Herring on Fridays.

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